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Welcome to our 2018 photo blog of updated & new photo galleries.

  • Crossing the Great Boiling Valley!

    2018/09/26 "The Great Boiling Valley" of Owakundai. Greatly changed and restricted since our last visit due to a 2015 eruption.

  • Scooters For Sale!

    For sale in Mishima!

  • Heaven in Indian Heaven!

    2018/10/14: A wonderful if very windy day at Indian Heaven. Clear blue skies & Autumn Colors and an autumn chill in the air along with a huge display of Fall Fungi in a huge array of shapes and colors.

  • Up we go!

    2018/09/25: The Tozan Mt Railway is the steepest regular rail railway in Japan with grades of 8% in places. To get up the mountain the train goes through 3 switchbacks at each switchback the driver and conductor exit the train and change places from front to back.

  • Tranquility

    2018/09/25: A lady arranging a vase of flowers at the Amazake Chaya tea house on the old Tokaido Rd.

  • Smokey Heaven

    2018/09/25: Amazake Chaya is the only traditional tea house left on the old Tokaido Rd. Complete with indoor fire & no chimney!

  • Dogashima Sea Cave

    2018/09/24: A great day travelling down the Izu peniinsula to Dogashima with Mitsu & Satomi.

  • Just Fishing

    2018/09/24: A family catching Ayu at the Jouren Falls & Wasabi Garden.

  • Wasabi galore!

    2018/09/24: The Jouren Falls & Wasabi Garden

  • Chiyoko Wins!

    2018/09/22: Bowling in Mishima with Chiyoko & Dosei!

  • Rainbow Bridge

    2018/09/23: The Okuoi Rainbow Bridge & OkuōikojōOigawa Station on the Oigawa line.

  • The little engine that could!

    2018/10/23: The Oigawa Mt. Railway, being pushed up a 9% grade by a Cog engine along the Oigawa River.

  • Hello October

    2018/10/07: October on Cooper Spur

  • It Snowed!

    2018/10/07: Chiyoko & I climbed up Cooper Spur in search of new snow. Mission accomplished!

  • Tranquility in the City.

    2018/09/22: In the center of Mishima, Rakujuen Garden & Kohama Pond A tranquil Garden & Pond fed by Spring water from Mt Fuji.

  • Two Red Boats!

    2018/09/21: Hotaka Jinja Shrine & Moyjin-ike Pond, Kamikouchi Valley Hike

  • Tashiro Pond

    2018/09/21: The Tashiro-ike pond, Kamikouchi valley.

  • Desert Fall

    2018/09/30: Cottonwood Canyon: Some fall color along the John Day River.

  • A river runs through it.

    2018/09/20: Kamikouchi Valley, the Azusa River

  • Today's Goal!

    2018/09/20: Mt. Yakedake seemingly still far away our goal for the day was the summit.

  • Just lash a ladder to it!

    2018/09/20: Mt Yakedake, a steeper bit!

  • On the water!

    0218/09/19 On the Sumida river water bus passing the Tsukiji fish market.

  • Tokyo!

    Views from Tokyo Tower

  • A tad pricey!

    The Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo.

  • Shuzenji

    2018/09/18: We spent the morning helping Chiyoko's folks with some gardening then in the afternoon we took the local trail line up to Shuzenji only about 15 miles away. Often described as a "Mini Kyoto". Though a lovely little town I think "Micro Kyoto" would be a better description.

  • Fuji san from Kawaguchi Lake!

    2018/09/17: Chiyoko & brother Kiyoshi at Kawaguchi Lake. This was the only day in our 2 week trip that Mt Fuji was not hidden in clouds!

  • Fantastic Fireworks

    2018/09/17: We went with our friend Kumiko to check out the great Atami beach fireworks. A really great show!

  • Underground!

    2018/09/17: Chiyoko leading OUR way down the Narasawa Ice Cave! Hard hats required!

  • Dance!

    2018/09/16: Odowara dance festival, Hiking around Odowara while Chiyoko met up with her old high friends I stumbled across the all day long Odawara dance festival.

  • Disappearing into mist

    2018/09/15: The Mishima Sky Walk, views of Mt Fuji were non existent on this rainy & misty day but it was still a fun visit just a few miles from Chiyoko's folks house. Dosei & I also gave the 400 meter zip line across the canyon a whirl too!

  • Hops & Water...

    2018/09/09: A stop at the Edgefield in Troutdale for a quick pint and a walk around before taking Paul back to the Airport for his red eye flight home.

  • The Oregon Hoodoos

    2018/09/09: On our way back from Bend Paul & I made a detour to find the Balancing rocks known as the Oregon Hoodoos.

  • Guest is God!

    2018/09/09: We stopped for lunch at the Koya Kitchen in Welches, a pleasant change from your average Burger & Fries joint!

  • Clear, Cold & Blue!

    2018/09/09: another stop for Paul & I on our way back from Bend, Little Crater Lake and it's incredibly clear, cold (34F) and blue water!

  • A sheltered Lunch Spot

    2018/09/08: Paul taking Shelter from the cold wind on the South Sister summit.

  • Analog Hood!

    2018/09/02: Edited with the Nik Collection Analog Effects.

  • Lunch in a high place!

    2018/09/02: A hike up to Mississippi Head from our camp spot between the Zigzag canyons.

  • Good Morning Jefferson!

    2018/09/03: Sunrise on Mt Jefferson from our camp spot on Hood.

  • Sunset between the Zigzags

    2018/09/02: Sunset from our camp spot on the mountain.

  • A bygone time!

    2018/09/30: A evening stroll around Oregon City. There are so many old almost hidden footpaths and staircases around the town. It's a fun place to explore. It's also home to one of only 3 outside elevators in the US and the ride is free :)

  • Ramona Falls Again

    Re edited some our my Muddy fork loop photos with the Nik collection Analog Effects 2 and added them to the end of the gallery.

  • The Muddy Fork Loop

    2018/08/27: Heading towards the upper crossing

  • Where to cross!

    Looking for a place to cross the Muddy Fork and keep our feet dry! © Chiyoko Meacham

  • The Upper Yocum Meadows

    2018/08/18: The upper Yocum ridge meadows on Mt Hoods West side with some color channels swapped!

  • Early morning on Yocum's North Ridge.

    2018/08/19: Early morning on Yocum Ridge, Pascal & I set off to explore the upper North side ridge. It's much more rugged that the South side but still an incredibly beautiful place. After an early lunch back at camp it was then time to hike the 9 plus miles back down.

  • Good Morning!

    2018/08/19: Sunrise on Yocum's North side ridge.

  • Upper Yocum's South side ridge.

    2018/08/18: Our annual backpacking trip, this year we returned to Yocum Ridge, we camped at the end of the trail then Chiyoko & I carried on up to the upper slopes on the Southern side of the ridge. All in all about 11 miles for the day.