Photo Blog 2018 - Chiyoko & Guy's Photo Site.

Welcome to our 2018 photo blog of recent photos and updated galleries. 

  • Kodachrome on Cooper Spur

    2018/03/11 on Cooper Spur

  • Hawthorn Bridge

    2018/03/12: A couple of evening hours taking photos on the Portand Eastbank Esplanade with Akitomo & Pascal

  • On Cooper Spur

    2018/03/11: One our our favorite winter hikes if we are lucky enough to get a blue sky winter day! A loop from the Cooper Spur Ski resort up the Polallie trail to the Cooper Spur Shelter then back down to the Tilly Jane Trail. © Chiyoko Meacham

  • Paris 1996

    Finished scanning some pics from my 1996 trip back to Paris while visiting the UK. First and only time I've traveled on the Eurostar . London to Paris in just over 3 hours! It used to take 12 hours on the over night boat train back when I was living in Angers.

  • Hyning Wood

    2018/02/27: While much of the UK was burred in snow following the "Beast from the East" Warton and the surrounding area escaped with a light dusting of snow! © George Meacham

  • Pozole on a cold day.

    2018/02/28: Lunch while passing through Wooburn

  • Draba verna

    2018/02/25 Deschutes River Trail (Just playing with color!)

  • Deschutes Again!

    2018/02/25: With Blizzard conditions on Mt. Hood and pouring rain from Troutdale to The Dalles a return to the Deschuttes River ended up being the only dry option!

  • Still cooking!

    2018/02/24 To celebrate our 10th Wedding anniversary we went out to dinner, but Chiyoko still had to cook :) So Kong Dong Tofu & BBQ

  • Reiman Gardens

    2018/02/21: Orchids at Reiman Gardens, Aimes Iowa.

  • Nebraska!

    2018/02/20: Flying over a cold and snowy Nebraska on the way to Iowa

  • Morning Surprise

    2018/02/19: 5 inches of snow on the ground this morning.

  • Chiyoko looking stern :)

    2018/02/18: A snow climb up Dog Mt.

  • Death valley 1995

    scanned all the old photos from our SW states trip with Mum & Dad back in 1995.

  • Valentine Sushi

    2018/02/14: We went to Meeka to celebrate Valentines day! Best tempura calamari in Portland!

  • Wolf Creek Trestle

    208/02/11: We hiked 12 miles on the abandoned Salmonberry rail line from Cochran pond. When we arrived everything was covered in snow but most of it had melted by lunch time! Always a fun hike!

  • Rafting the Deschuttes, 1995

    Finished scanning in my 1995 Oregon old photos & slides.

  • Not our usual Hike!

    2018/02/03: For this weeks hike we clockled 14.5 miles on The Dalles Waterfront trail with a detour to downtown and a stop for refreshments at Petite Provence.

  • The Moon & Sixpence

    2018/02/02: Dinner at the Moon & Sixpence

  • Thomas! 1994

    My grand scanning project continues! 1994 trip to the Uk!

  • Teacup Ski

    2018/01/28: 8.5 miles cross county skiing at Teacup again. We graduated from green to Blue trails and certainly improved our "falls per mile" rate :)

  • 柿 kaki

    2018/01/23: From our friends Ted and Nobuko in California. Their home grown Persimmons dried in the mountain air of the Sierra Nevada.

  • The Deschutes River

    2018/01/21: We traveled East to escape the West side rain and hiked about 12 miles on the Deschutes River Trail. Always a reliable winter escape from the rain! Photos

  • Lava Lake 1993

    I've reached 1993 in my giant scanning of old photos project! here Mirranda, Anwen roast Marshmallows with Jonathon & Samantha Toll.

  • Chiyoko on skis!

    2018/01/14 Back on X country ski for the first time in over 20 years and Chiyokos first time on them! A Lovely Summers day in January at Teacup Lake. Photos

  • The Cliffs of Cape Horn

    01/01/2018: New years day we took a lazy drive down the only part of the Old Columbia highway thats open between Chanticleer Points and Bridal Viel. We stopped to hike Latourell Falls, & Bridal Veil Falls. Photos