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Early morning on Yocum's North Ridge.

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Welcome to our 2018 photo blog of updated & new photo galleries.

  • Hops & Water...

    2018/09/09: A stop at the Edgefield in Troutdale for a quick pint and a walk around before taking Paul back to the Airport for his red eye flight home.

  • The Oregon Hoodoos

    2018/09/09: On our way back from Bend Paul & I made a detour to find the Balancing rocks known as the Oregon Hoodoos.

  • Guest is God!

    2018/09/09: We stopped for lunch at the Koya Kitchen in Welches, a pleasant change from your average Burger & Fries joint!

  • Clear, Cold & Blue!

    2018/09/09: another stop for Paul & I on our way back from Bend, Little Crater Lake and it's incredibly clear, cold (34F) and blue water!

  • A sheltered Lunch Spot

    2018/09/08: Paul taking Shelter from the cold wind on the South Sister summit.

  • Analog Hood!

    2018/09/02: Edited with the Nik Collection Analog Effects.

  • Lunch in a high place!

    2018/09/02: A hike up to Mississippi Head from our camp spot between the Zigzag canyons.

  • Good Morning Jefferson!

    2018/09/03: Sunrise on Mt Jefferson from our camp spot on Hood.

  • Sunset between the Zigzags

    2018/09/02: Sunset from our camp spot on the mountain.

  • A bygone time!

    2018/09/30: A evening stroll around Oregon City. There are so many old almost hidden footpaths and staircases around the town. It's a fun place to explore. It's also home to one of only 3 outside elevators in the US and the ride is free :)

  • Ramona Falls Again

    Re edited some our my Muddy fork loop photos with the Nik collection Analog Effects 2 and added them to the end of the gallery.

  • The Muddy Fork Loop

    2018/08/27: Heading towards the upper crossing

  • Where to cross!

    Looking for a place to cross the Muddy Fork and keep our feet dry! © Chiyoko Meacham

  • The Upper Yocum Meadows

    2018/08/18: The upper Yocum ridge meadows on Mt Hoods West side with some color channels swapped!

  • Early morning on Yocum's North Ridge.

    2018/08/19: Early morning on Yocum Ridge, Pascal & I set off to explore the upper North side ridge. It's much more rugged that the South side but still an incredibly beautiful place. After an early lunch back at camp it was then time to hike the 9 plus miles back down.

  • Good Morning!

    2018/08/19: Sunrise on Yocum's North side ridge.

  • Upper Yocum's South side ridge.

    2018/08/18: Our annual backpacking trip, this year we returned to Yocum Ridge, we camped at the end of the trail then Chiyoko & I carried on up to the upper slopes on the Southern side of the ridge. All in all about 11 miles for the day.

  • Spot the climber!

    2018/08/16: An after work hike on the trails around Beacon Rock. We also checked out some of the climbing trails on the South West of the rock. Can you spot the climber?

  • A Smokey Moon!

    2018/08/15: Our fire smokey days & nights continue, giving us red morning suns and golden moons,

  • Olallie Lake Resort

    2018/08/12: A Kodachrome look with the K-tone LUT

  • On the Trail!

    2018/08/12: SO after our climb up Olallie Butte we stopped by the Lake Resort in search of ice cream! All the ice cream was gone so we settled for $4.00 cans of beer :)

  • ON Olallie!

    2018/08/12: Our first return to Olallie Butte in 8 years. Just short of 4 miles and 300O' of EG in each direction Olallie Butte is the highest spot between Mt. Hood & Mt. Jefferson along the Cascade Range.

  • Boring & Dull!

    2018/08/09 The Boring & Dull Social 2018

  • South Sister Summit Looking North

    2018/08/05: Photo edited in Luminar with Nicoolesy Parchment

  • Bend Whitewater Park

    2018/08/04 Passing through Bend on our Way to the South Sister we stopped at Bend's Whitewater Park for a quick look. Apparently this is fun for some people!

  • On a mountain looking North!

    2018/08/05: Our last climb of the South Sister was a night climb in 2015. We decided we better get back this Summer and do it again before the Forest Service slap a threatened permit system on it in 2019.

  • QUACK!

    2018/08/01: Sitting down at the far end of the lake to eat our sandwich we were ignored by all but this duck who approached us like a heat seeking missile. Yes I shared some crusts with her, ironically it was an egg salad sandwich!

  • Trillium with no snow!

    2018/08/01: I made countless trips to Trillium lake but I don't think that I have ever bothered to go there in the Summertime before! A lovely evening hike down to and around the lake from Government Camp. Followed by a restorative pint of Ice Axe IPA!

  • Bezos' balls

    2018/07/27: The Amazon Spheres, nicknamed Bezos' balls they opened in January 2018 they are a mix plant conservatory with over 40,000 plants, office space & meeting rooms. Reserved for Amazon employees only except for prebooked public tours.

  • The Great Escape!

    Escaping from the Bunker! © Kazuko Kuhara

  • Capt'n, there be whales here!

    2018/07/29: A rare treat when hiking down off Tillamook Head towards Indian Beach was the sighting of this grey whale hanging out just off shore.

  • A Summer Rain Forest.

    2018/07/29: I never like to complain about the Summer Weather because it passes so quickly. But this escape from the heat to the misty rainforest of Tillamook Head was a welcome treat while Portalnd baked in it's 8th straight day of temperatures above 90.

  • Radar Station Juliet-Two-Three

    2018/07/29: Hidden near the hikers cabins on Tillamook Head is the old WWII Radar Station J-23. Part of the West Coast US defense against the threat of a Japanese attack. The more adventurous can venture inside where we found one large frog had taken up residence.

  • Aftermath!

    2018/07/22: Part of the Eagle Creek burn, heading south on the PCT towards the Benson Plateau.

  • Crazy (Golf) Ladies

    2018/07/21: A round of crazy golf in a portland cellar to celebrate Kazuko, Fumi & Chiyoko's birthdays.

  • A summit Selfie

    2018/07/22: Pascal & I tried our hand at the Herman Creek - PCT loop on Sunday. 24 miles and about 5400' of EG. We managed to trudge our way around the loop in 8:45 without any medical emergencies :)

  • After work in my Happy place!

    2018/07/19: An after work evening hike from Timberline, cross country to the Zigzag Canyon then back across to the Silcox Hut before heading back down to Timberline lodge and a beer!

  • Little house on the mountain

    2018/07/19: Chiyoko & I stumbled on this creation at the top of the magic mile ski lift above Timberline.

  • Cork Catchin' !!

    2018/07/15: Fumi practicing here cork catching skills at No Name lake with Pascal :)

  • Moonset over McKenzie Pass

    2018/07/15: An evening of star gazin' up at McKenzie pass before our Sunday hike to No Name Lake.

  • A lake with no name!

    2018/07/15: Our first trip to No Name Lake from the North side of Tam McArthur Rim. There is no official trail from The Rim to the lake but a good user path most of the way. Grand views the whole way there!

  • Revisiting an old friend!

    2018/07/08: We used to camp quite regularly at this old Shelter on the shore of Breitenbush lake back in the late 80's and 90's. until yesterday though it was 12 years since I was last here. Happy to see it again.

  • On Park Ridge

    2018/07/08: A spectacular day to be up on Jefferson Park Ridge at Sprague Lake.

  • Volcano Sunrise!

    2018/07/04: Independence day begins with Sunrise over Johnson Ridge at about 5:30 in the morning. About 4 hours sleep in the back of the crosstrek after star pics and it was time to crawl back out the sleeping bag in time for sunrise pics :)

  • In a galaxy far far away...

    2018/07/03: Actually the Milky way over Mt St Helens. After work we drove the 120 miles up the the Johnson Ridge observatory and waited for darkness and the stars to come out! What we had not bargained on was the 30mph plus wind gusts and flying dust and grit!

  • Deep Creek in Pink!

    2018/06/28: An evening walk along the banks of Deep Creek from the Cazadero trail in Boring

  • 2018/07/01: We celebrated Kazuko's Birthday & Tyler's Canada Day up on Hood with a hike up and around McNeil & the ponds. Darn the snow is melting so fast this year!