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Paris by night

Japan Trip 2018

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Welcome to our 2018 photo blog of updated & new photo galleries.

  • A Fort Stevens Loop!

    The promise of sunshine on the coast sent us out to Forst Stevens and Oregons most photographed shipwreck the Peter Iredale which ran aground in 1906.

  • Searching for shrooms!

    Fumi, Kazuko, Chiyoko, Pascal & Akitomo had a very wet day searching for chanterelles! © Chiyoko Meacham

  • An Early Morning Stroll.

    More photos of an early morning stroll around Angers can be found here

  • Winter is coming!

    2018/11/05: Celebrating Guy Fawkes day with a steamed marmalade sponge.

  • Early morning Gare du Nord

    2018/10/27: Waiting for a train to Cologne.

  • ON Burdoin again!

    2018/11/03: Back on Burdoin for another hike, this time exploring the southern slopes east of White Salmon. We saw only 4 other people on Mt bikes along the last 2 miles of our 10 mile loop

  • Paris by night

    2018/10/26: My marathon EU nursery tour allowed for about 3 free evening hours in Paris. Setting off from Gare du Nord at about 8:00pm I walked the couple of miles to Notre Dame passing the Centre Georges Pompidou on the way. After crossing the Seine I took the Metro to the Eiffel Tower. Big changes and lots of security since I was last there! About 11:00pm I caught an Uber ride back to the Hotel near Gare du Nord in time for some sleep before our early morning train to Cologne.

  • Old Friends

    2018/10/24: A reunion with Yves who I worked with at Andre Briant Nursery back in 84/85 & Gerard who I worked with at JFS 86-90. A great time was had.

  • Goodnight Arnside!

    2018/10/20: A flying visit and a great weekend with the family before beginning an EU work trip! Arnside Fish & Chips on the Saturday, The Eagles Head Sunday Lunch on Sunday!

  • Crossing the Great Boiling Valley!

    2018/09/26 "The Great Boiling Valley" of Owakundai. Greatly changed and restricted since our last visit due to a 2015 eruption.

  • Scooters For Sale!

    For sale in Mishima!

  • Heaven in Indian Heaven!

    2018/10/14: A wonderful if very windy day at Indian Heaven. Clear blue skies & Autumn Colors and an autumn chill in the air along with a huge display of Fall Fungi in a huge array of shapes and colors.

  • Up we go!

    2018/09/25: The Tozan Mt Railway is the steepest regular rail railway in Japan with grades of 8% in places. To get up the mountain the train goes through 3 switchbacks at each switchback the driver and conductor exit the train and change places from front to back.

  • Tranquility

    2018/09/25: A lady arranging a vase of flowers at the Amazake Chaya tea house on the old Tokaido Rd.

  • Smokey Heaven

    2018/09/25: Amazake Chaya is the only traditional tea house left on the old Tokaido Rd. Complete with indoor fire & no chimney!

  • Dogashima Sea Cave

    2018/09/24: A great day travelling down the Izu peniinsula to Dogashima with Mitsu & Satomi.

  • Just Fishing

    2018/09/24: A family catching Ayu at the Jouren Falls & Wasabi Garden.

  • Wasabi galore!

    2018/09/24: The Jouren Falls & Wasabi Garden

  • Chiyoko Wins!

    2018/09/22: Bowling in Mishima with Chiyoko & Dosei!

  • Rainbow Bridge

    2018/09/23: The Okuoi Rainbow Bridge & OkuōikojōOigawa Station on the Oigawa line.

  • The little engine that could!

    2018/10/23: The Oigawa Mt. Railway, being pushed up a 9% grade by a Cog engine along the Oigawa River.

  • Hello October

    2018/10/07: October on Cooper Spur

  • It Snowed!

    2018/10/07: Chiyoko & I climbed up Cooper Spur in search of new snow. Mission accomplished!

  • Tranquility in the City.

    2018/09/22: In the center of Mishima, Rakujuen Garden & Kohama Pond A tranquil Garden & Pond fed by Spring water from Mt Fuji.

  • Two Red Boats!

    2018/09/21: Hotaka Jinja Shrine & Moyjin-ike Pond, Kamikouchi Valley Hike

  • Tashiro Pond

    2018/09/21: The Tashiro-ike pond, Kamikouchi valley.

  • Desert Fall

    2018/09/30: Cottonwood Canyon: Some fall color along the John Day River.

  • A river runs through it.

    2018/09/20: Kamikouchi Valley, the Azusa River

  • Today's Goal!

    2018/09/20: Mt. Yakedake seemingly still far away our goal for the day was the summit.

  • Just lash a ladder to it!

    2018/09/20: Mt Yakedake, a steeper bit!

  • On the water!

    0218/09/19 On the Sumida river water bus passing the Tsukiji fish market.

  • Tokyo!

    Views from Tokyo Tower

  • A tad pricey!

    Around $200 for 4 Matsutake mushrooms at the Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo.

  • Shuzenji

    2018/09/18: We spent the morning helping Chiyoko's folks with some gardening then in the afternoon we took the local trail line up to Shuzenji only about 15 miles away. Often described as a "Mini Kyoto". Though a lovely little town I think "Micro Kyoto" would be a better description.

  • Fuji san from Kawaguchi Lake!

    2018/09/17: Chiyoko & brother Kiyoshi at Kawaguchi Lake. This was the only day in our 2 week trip that Mt Fuji was not hidden in clouds!

  • Fantastic Fireworks

    2018/09/17: We went with our friend Kumiko to check out the great Atami beach fireworks. A really great show!

  • Underground!

    2018/09/17: Chiyoko leading OUR way down the Narasawa Ice Cave! Hard hats required!

  • Dance!

    2018/09/16: Odowara dance festival, Hiking around Odowara while Chiyoko met up with her old high friends I stumbled across the all day long Odawara dance festival.

  • Disappearing into mist

    2018/09/15: The Mishima Sky Walk, views of Mt Fuji were non existent on this rainy & misty day but it was still a fun visit just a few miles from Chiyoko's folks house. Dosei & I also gave the 400 meter zip line across the canyon a whirl too!

  • Hops & Water...

    2018/09/09: A stop at the Edgefield in Troutdale for a quick pint and a walk around before taking Paul back to the Airport for his red eye flight home.

  • The Oregon Hoodoos

    2018/09/09: On our way back from Bend Paul & I made a detour to find the Balancing rocks known as the Oregon Hoodoos.

  • Guest is God!

    2018/09/09: We stopped for lunch at the Koya Kitchen in Welches, a pleasant change from your average Burger & Fries joint!

  • Clear, Cold & Blue!

    2018/09/09: another stop for Paul & I on our way back from Bend, Little Crater Lake and it's incredibly clear, cold (34F) and blue water!

  • A sheltered Lunch Spot

    2018/09/08: Paul taking Shelter from the cold wind on the South Sister summit.

  • Analog Hood!

    2018/09/02: Edited with the Nik Collection Analog Effects.

  • Lunch in a high place!

    2018/09/02: A hike up to Mississippi Head from our camp spot between the Zigzag canyons.

  • Good Morning Jefferson!

    2018/09/03: Sunrise on Mt Jefferson from our camp spot on Hood.

  • Sunset between the Zigzags

    2018/09/02: Sunset from our camp spot on the mountain.