Photo Blog 2018 - Chiyoko & Guy's Photo Site.

Welcome to our 2018 photo blog of updated & new photo galleries.

  • The Aniakchak Caldera.

    Flying home from China, a rear treat to fly over the Aniakchak Caldera and Vent Mountain in the Aleutian range.

  • Tianfanjiezhen - Lunch

    Away from the glitz and glamour of Shanghai. A cold fired lunch of freshly made noodles in the Agricultural backwater town of Tianfanjiezhen in Jiangxi province.

  • Decontamination!

    2018/06/06 Somewhere in China!

  • 2018/06/07: On my whirlwind trip to China last week there really wansn't any time for sight seeing but we did get a couple of free hours in the old pottery city of Jingdezhen.

  • 2018/06/03: A hike from triangle pass, first along an old abandoned section of the CCT and then on to Grassy Knoll & Grassy Pass.

  • 2018/05/28: Breakfast in Mitchell City Park. © Chiyoko Meacham

  • 2018/06/10: Pascal reaching the goal of our little expedition to find Apparition Falls. Hidden in the forest below Zigzag Mt.

  • The Old Salmon River Trail.

    2018/05/31: A quick evening hike up & down the old Salmon River Trail.

  • Mountain hedgehogs!

    2018/05/28: Memorial Day we returned to Eclipse Central - Sutton Mt. In the hopes of finding the Hedgehog Cactus in flower. Thank's to Chizuru's eagle eyes we were successful!

  • On a painted hill

    2018/05/28: Camped out in Mitchell city park for the weekend we had the chance to visit the Painted Hills in Evening Light at 6-7pm & again in morning light at 6-7am. Watching the colors change in intensity as the Sun rose and set.

  • In a Blue Basin

    2018/05/27: Part I of our Central Oregon trip, a quick hike up the shot Blue Basin Trail. The beginning just looks a bit like an old cement works but the end is worth it :)

  • Edge of destruction

    2018/05/20: The Nesika side of the Christmas Ornament trail leading into the burn.

  • Life on Mars.

    2018/05/24: Hood gfrom the Summit of Tom, Dick & harry Mt.

  • Last Man standing!

    2018/05/24: An evening after work hike up Tom, Dick & Harry. The forecast thunderstorms never materialized, lovely weather and the Summit to ourselves.

  • Silently watching

    2018/05/20 Bickle's View Point, Nesika Lodge.

  • The Original #1 Cup!

    2018/05/18 Chiyoko finally opened her bottle of Pimm's

  • Hard Labour!

    2018/05/19: Pascal & I volunteered for a Nesika Lodge work weekend now that they can finally begin the cleanup process after last years fire.

  • An Evening on the Dog

    2018/05/17: Chiyoko & I made an after work hike up Dog Mt. to see the flower show! Light on the West facing slopes is always best in the evening as are the crowds!

  • Lost in the Columbia Hills

    2018/04/29: Lost in the Columbia Hills hidden in trees about half a mile from the Crawford Ranch

  • Wigwam or Beehive Burner

    2018/05/13: I'm thinking this old Wigwam or Behive burner just outside Sandy at Shorty's Corner will be gone soon as there is now land clearing going on around it.

  • Mt Hood from Burnt Lake

    2018/05/13: Hoya 72 Filter, channel swapped in Luminar.

  • Reflections in Burnt Lake

    2018/05/13: We escaped the first 90 degree day of the year by hiking up to the still snow covered Burnt Lake for sunny skies and highs in the high 70's.

  • Just walking in the woods again!

    2018/05/12: Another attempt at editing this photo, I havent yet decided if I prefer the previous version or this one.

  • Just walking in the woods.

    2018/05/06: I put a bit more work into this photo, one of my favorite bits on the section of the Cascadia Crest trail that we walked on Sunday.

  • Searching for the CCT

    2018/05/06: A great day in the woods checking out the old route of the Cascadia Crest Trail from North Augsburger to Triangle Pass. Some white knuckle driving on the way in also involved! © Chiyoko Meacham

  • Which way does the wind blow?

    2018/04/27: Mosier Plateau.

  • The White River Power Plant

    2018/04/27: The long decommissioned White River Power Plant at the base of White River Falls.

  • The Mosier Plateau

    2018/04/27: Checking out the Mosier plateau trail for the first time.

  • Mt Hood from the Silcox Hut

    2018/04/26: Taken from the Silcox Hut on a hot sunny afternoon. Red and Blue colour channels swapped and processed in Luminar.

  • White River Falls

    2018/04/27: Over 30 years in Oregon and this was our first trip out to White River Falls! A very cool waterfall and great fun watching all the swallows nesting on the cliffs.

  • The Columbia Hills

    2018/04/29: Our Annual Spring tramp around the Columbia Hills. The flowers were not as spectacular as they have been in recent years. Perhaps a result of last years really hot & dry Summer. Still a great place for a Spring with big skies!

  • Silcox Hut

    2018/04/26: IR Converted into B&W

  • A bygone era.

    Willamette Falls Oregon City - 2018/04/25

  • Lost Lake


  • Lost Lake before the crowds!

    2018/04/22: We hiked into Lost Lake before the final two miles of road is opened and the crowds arrive. Great Weather, few people!

  • An evening at Trillium Lake.

    2018/04/19: We went for our first after work hike of the year, a loop around Trillium Lake.

  • Moseying around Mosier

    2018/04/15: Hiking the Mosier area on a damp drizzly day. A surprisingly good display of flowers already along the old highway trail between the town and the tunnels.

  • The Liver Birds, Liverpool 2016.

    Photo edited in Luminar with Nicoolesy Parchment

  • Smith Rock in UV

    2018/04/08: A few photos from our recent Smith Rock trip edited with a UV filter just for a different look!

  • The Misery Trail

    2018/04/08: Sunday we escaped the never ending rain of the West side & crossed the mountains in search of Sun. After negotiating snow packed roads in the mountains we were rewarded 2 hours and 10 minutes later at Smith Rock!

  • Burdoin again!

    2018/04/01: Back at Burdoin again for a second week of exploring, this time we took a different way up that provided us with a lot more views. We missed our planned route down but found another!

  • One a Penny two a penny...

    2018/03/30: Chiyoko's hot cross buns hot out of the oven!

  • Portlandlia II

    2018/03/28: An evening taking Cherry Blossom Photos in Portland's Waterfront Park with Akitomo & Pascal.

  • Matilda

    2018/03/25: Matilda plays with her new mouse!

  • Burdoin Hill

    2018/03/25: Up on Burdoin Hill looking west down the gorge.

  • Elk Lake 1996

    Finished scanning in 1996: Our annual trip to Elk Lake with the Tolls.

  • Bowthorpe Oak

    Scanning in slides from 1996: The Bowthorpe Oak Claims to be England's oldest oak tree with an estimated age of 900 - 1000 years. Growing in a farm field not far from Stamford England, it's hollow trunk was used as a pig pen for many years. Photo Taken: 1996