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Lava Lake 1993

Lava Lake 1993

I've reached 1993 in my giant scanning of old photos project! here Mirranda, Anwen roast Marshmallows with Jonathon & Samantha Toll.

  • Top Nine!

    Guys Top Nine Instagram pics from 2018

  • SO long 2018

    2018/12/31: A great New Years Eve celebration at Kazuko & Pascal's.

  • Dalton Point

    2018/12/31: Big river views from Dalton Point

  • ON Angels Rest

    2018/12/31: An easy classic to finish out 2018, a morning jaunt up Angels Rest. Our firs trip since the 2017 fire. Since we had the time afterwards we also stopped off at Dalton Point Something we had never made the effort to do before!

  • Champions!

    2018/12/30: Our first Cross Country Ski of the Season. A couple of loops at Teacup. Travel there was fine but the trip home was a nightmare, taking us 5 hours to travel the approximately 40 miles from Teacup back to Sandy. © Chiyoko meacham

  • A Horse brass Christmas

    Chiyoko enjoying a pint and a pie at Portland's Horse Brass Pub.

  • Christmas on Peacock Lane

    2018/12/27: Chiyoko & I went for an evening walk up and down Portland's Peacock Lane to take a look at the Christmas lights. Twenty years of more since I last did this. We then retired to the Horse Brass for some refreshment

  • Hidden Quarter

    2018/12/22: A Quarter hidden in the wall on the Wahkeena Springs trail.

  • Rear view Mirror Sunrise

    2018/12/22: Heading into Gresham at about 7:30 I looked in the rear view mirror and this is what I saw

  • A Boxing Day Walk.

    2018/12/26: A Family Boxing day Walk © Jane Meacham

  • Across the Kettle Hole

    2018/12/22: An off trail adventure with Don Nelsen! © Don Nelsen

  • 25 for Christmas.

    2018/12/25: Just us and 23 of our close firends and family for Christmas this year.

  • First Seasons Snow Shoe!

    2018/12/23: Our first snow shoe of the 2018/19 Season. A trip from the Barlow Pass snowpark to upper twin lake and back. Cold but lovely! © Chiyoko Meacham

  • Not a shepherds day!

    2018/12/20: About 7:15am on my way into work.

  • Deschutes River Trail.

    2018/12/16: Our first walk along the Deschutes River since the Summer fire. Greenery is slowly returning, lots of grasses, horsetails and sagebrush re sprouting. A bit sad to see that the +6 mile rail car was completely burned, absolutely nothing left to see!

  • A Waterfront Loop.

    2018/12/13: Took a borrowed Nikon D7200 for a walk around the Steel Bridge - Tillicum Bridge Loop. All photos are hand held so ISO is high. Just seeing what I could do with it!

  • A cold day at Nesika

    2018/12/09: 2018/12/09: A hike up to Nesika Lodge. The area is still officially closed but Nesika had permission for a members hike allowing entry into the area. A bit cold and Icy, the howling cold wind at Bickle Point was something else! Lovely and toasty inside the Lodge though with both fires going and a pot of hot soup for all! © Chiyoko Meacham

  • Crazy Christmas Lights - Volume I

    2018/12/06: Nighthawk Alarm in Carver.

  • Multnomah to Larch!

    2018/12/02: Continuing are explorations of the newly reopened Western Gorge we hiked up to Larch Mt from Multnomah Falls & back. We hit snow at around 3000', no panoramic views but great to be back on Larch Mt. About 14.5 miles & 4100' of EG. We made it to the top at the same time as a bunch of other folks did!

  • Chihuly Glass, Float Boat.

    2018/11/24: While in Seattle we checked out the Chihuly Glass Exhibit next to the Space Needle. We thought it was well worth the visit.

  • Before the rain in Oxbow!

    2018/11/22: An early Morning Birthday & Thanksgiving walk in Oxbow Park.

  • The Fremont Troll

    2018/11/24: Day 2 of our Short Seattle Trip. We checked out Gasworks Park, Lenin's Statue, & the Fremont Troll. Then we headed over to the Seattle Center for a quick out and back on the monorail followed by a visit to the Chihuly Glass Museum. Before heading back home we made one final stop at the Capitol Hill Katsu Burger!

  • The Devil protected his rest!

    2018/11/25: On the Friday after thanksgiving the USFS finally opened up the Gorge Trails west of Multnomah Falls for the first time since the September fire of 2017. Like lots of other folks we went out for a look around at what was still there and what wasn't!

  • Good Friends at the Moon & Sixpence!

    2018/11/17: An early Birthday celebration for me at the best pub in Portland!

  • November Spring

    2018/11/18: When we arrived at the Top Spur trailhead it was freezing fog and 29 degrees, thoughts of a Sunny day in the Mountain were in doubt. We did not need to worry though as we soon found ourselves above the clouds under balmy clear blue skies. An excellent late Autumn day on the mountain.

  • A Fort Stevens Loop!

    The promise of sunshine on the coast sent us out to Forst Stevens and Oregons most photographed shipwreck the Peter Iredale which ran aground in 1906.

  • Searching for shrooms!

    Fumi, Kazuko, Chiyoko, Pascal & Akitomo had a very wet day searching for chanterelles! © Chiyoko Meacham

  • An Early Morning Stroll.

    More photos of an early morning stroll around Angers can be found here

  • Winter is coming!

    2018/11/05: Celebrating Guy Fawkes day with a steamed marmalade sponge.

  • Early morning Gare du Nord

    2018/10/27: Waiting for a train to Cologne.

  • ON Burdoin again!

    2018/11/03: Back on Burdoin for another hike, this time exploring the southern slopes east of White Salmon. We saw only 4 other people on Mt bikes along the last 2 miles of our 10 mile loop

  • Paris by night

    2018/10/26: My marathon EU nursery tour allowed for about 3 free evening hours in Paris. Setting off from Gare du Nord at about 8:00pm I walked the couple of miles to Notre Dame passing the Centre Georges Pompidou on the way. After crossing the Seine I took the Metro to the Eiffel Tower. Big changes and lots of security since I was last there! About 11:00pm I caught an Uber ride back to the Hotel near Gare du Nord in time for some sleep before our early morning train to Cologne.

  • Old Friends

    2018/10/24: A reunion with Yves who I worked with at Andre Briant Nursery back in 84/85 & Gerard who I worked with at JFS 86-90. A great time was had.

  • Goodnight Arnside!

    2018/10/20: A flying visit and a great weekend with the family before beginning an EU work trip! Arnside Fish & Chips on the Saturday, The Eagles Head Sunday Lunch on Sunday!

  • Crossing the Great Boiling Valley!

    2018/09/26 "The Great Boiling Valley" of Owakundai. Greatly changed and restricted since our last visit due to a 2015 eruption.

  • Scooters For Sale!

    For sale in Mishima!

  • Heaven in Indian Heaven!

    2018/10/14: A wonderful if very windy day at Indian Heaven. Clear blue skies & Autumn Colors and an autumn chill in the air along with a huge display of Fall Fungi in a huge array of shapes and colors.

  • Up we go!

    2018/09/25: The Tozan Mt Railway is the steepest regular rail railway in Japan with grades of 8% in places. To get up the mountain the train goes through 3 switchbacks at each switchback the driver and conductor exit the train and change places from front to back.

  • Tranquility

    2018/09/25: A lady arranging a vase of flowers at the Amazake Chaya tea house on the old Tokaido Rd.

  • Smokey Heaven

    2018/09/25: Amazake Chaya is the only traditional tea house left on the old Tokaido Rd. Complete with indoor fire & no chimney!

  • Dogashima Sea Cave

    2018/09/24: A great day travelling down the Izu peniinsula to Dogashima with Mitsu & Satomi.

  • Just Fishing

    2018/09/24: A family catching Ayu at the Jouren Falls & Wasabi Garden.

  • Wasabi galore!

    2018/09/24: The Jouren Falls & Wasabi Garden

  • Chiyoko Wins!

    2018/09/22: Bowling in Mishima with Chiyoko & Dosei!

  • Rainbow Bridge

    2018/09/23: The Okuoi Rainbow Bridge & OkuōikojōOigawa Station on the Oigawa line.

  • The little engine that could!

    2018/10/23: The Oigawa Mt. Railway, being pushed up a 9% grade by a Cog engine along the Oigawa River.

  • Hello October

    2018/10/07: October on Cooper Spur

  • It Snowed!

    2018/10/07: Chiyoko & I climbed up Cooper Spur in search of new snow. Mission accomplished!