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12/17 - Cruzzat Rim & St Cloud

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Tamawanas Falls

Tamawanas Falls

2019/03/03: A great trip out to Tamawanas Falls. 17F at the trailhead when we arrived at it didn't warm up much after that! Lots of snow, blue skies & ice!

  • A Super Moon to Welcome Spring.

    19/03/20: The last Super moon of 2019 also heralds the arrival of Spring. I drove out to our local Jonsrud view point in Sandy to watch the sun set and the moon rise. Neither was a disappointment.

  • The First Sunset of Spring!

    19/03/20: I drove out to our local Jonsrud view point in Sandy to watch the sun set and the moon rise. Neither was a disappointment.

  • Home town Kanami

    2014/10/24: Back to editing our 2014 Japan trip photos. This photo was taken from the Numazu Alps looking inland toward Kanami, Chiyoko's home town. The Arrow marks the approximate location of the family home.

  • Ramona Falls in snow.

    2019/03/19: I've always wanted to go to Ramona Falls when there was now on the ground! Though there was a price to pay. We had to start at Lolo Pass Rd which turned a normally gentle 7 mile hike into a near 15 mile snowshoe slog! We didn't break any speed records about 4.5 hours in and 3.5 hours out!

  • Proud of my coat repair!

    2019/03/14: Angels Rest © Chiyoko Meacham

  • A Pie day hike on Angels Rest

    2019/03/14: Pacific Summer Time = After work hiking time! Just a quick after work trip up Angels Rest now that we have "sprung forward"!

  • War of the Titans!

    2019/03/10: A snowball fight on Coyote Wall.

  • Coyote Wall - Labyrinth Loop

    2019/03/10: Low level snow has been sitting in the Gorge for 4 weeks or more now. Certainly not something that happens every year. We took advantage of it for a rare Coyote Wall snow shoe!

  • More Bloody Snow

    2019/03/09: Snowing again, the evening of March 8th about 2" of heavy snow fell just to remind us that Winter still was not done with us! There has now been snow between the greenhouse continually since February 6th.

  • Hedgehogs are back!

    2019/03/07: Dad's first backyard hedgehog photo of the year. Spring is here.

  • Kuro Tamago

    2014/10/23: The making of Kuro Tamago (Black Eggs) at Owakudani, Hakone.

  • 2014/10/23: Hiking from Owakudani to Mt Komagatake, Hakone.

  • Shrove Tuesday

    2019/03/05 Celebrating pancake day!

  • Tamawanas Falls

    2019/03/03: A great trip out to Tamawanas Falls. 17F at the trailhead when we arrived at it didn't warm up much after that! Lots of snow, blue skies & ice!

  • Hidden in the trees.

    The Cooper Spur Warming Shelter.

  • Mishima Taisha

    2014/10/22: Continuing to work on our 2014 Japan trip photos. A walk around the local Mishima Taisha Shrine on a rainy morning the Osmanthus fragrans tree is supposedly the oldest in Japan at around 1200 years.

  • The Bamboo Road!

    2014/10/21: Chikurin no michi - Arashiyama Kyoto

  • Tenryuji

    2014/10/21: Continuing to work on my huge backlog of Japan photos these are of the famous Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Tenryuji in the Arashiyama district. Built in 1339 it still boasts the same garden design as it did when it was built!

  • Wedding Anniversary (Part I)

    2019/02/24: At Nicholas Lebanese Restaurant in Gresham.

  • Breakfast in the park!

    2019/02/24: We woke up to a surprise snow fall Sunday morning so our plans for a hike father a field had to be changed. instead we set out from home for a loop around Oxbow Park. Just us and the Fishermen! Since it was also our 11th Wedding Anniversary I made Chiyoko some breakfast down by the river :) © Chiyoko Meacham

  • Oregon City Again!

    2019/02/21: An evening walk around Oregon City.

  • Deschutes River Trail.

    2019/12/17: Our original plan was to head for Ramona Falls today but some changes in circumstance had us driving 80 miles in the opposite direction to soak up some sun rays on the Deschutes River trail. Just us and more deer than you could shake a stick at after the first couple of miles.

  • Happy Valentines Day.

    2019/02/14 At Siam Sushi in Troutdale.

  • Sea creatures!

    2019/02/16 A wonderful dinner at Kazuko and Pascal's place!

  • Troutdale

    2019/02/14: Some pics from a walk through downtown Troutdale on a rainy evening.

  • Kokedera.

    2014/10/21: Our visit to Saihō-ji, more commonly known as Kokedera (the moss temple) in Kyoto Japan. The Temple dates back to at least the 1300's though the 120 kinds of moss it is now famous for came much later. Admittance is by appointment only applied for by mailing in a return postage paid postcard. You also have to take part in a temple activity such as calligraphy transcription with quill and ink before being allowed to walk the garden. A really great experience.

  • Garden snow.

    2019/02/12: Photos taken by Chiyoko around the garden between the 8th & the 12th.

  • A snowy loop!

    2019/02/10: We tried staying home on Sunday but couldn't manage it! We drove out on a snow covered I84 to Multnomah Falls to hike the Multnomah - Wahkeena Loop. About 8" of now around the falls more like 15" at the high point of the loop. A very quiet day on the trail until we returned to the old Highway by which time the tourists were out in droves snapping pics of snowy waterfalls!

  • SNOW!

    2019/02/09: Spending our Saturday morning removing 6+ inches of snow from the greenhouses that fell in the night!

  • Kinkakuji, The Golden Temple.

    2014/10/21: Continuing with the filing and editing of our 2014 Japan trip photos here are the photos of our visit to Kinkakuji. We arrived 2 hours before opening time for our visit to the Golden Temple knowing that it would be heaving mass of people by the time the gates opened. Pushed through at the head of a stream of people, it was a great experience of place and people.

  • Trillium Loop.

    2019/02/03: Fearing the weather would get worse as the day wore on we settled for a quick Cross Country Ski Loop around Trillium Lake. © Chiyoko Meacham

  • Kiyomizudera

    2014/10/20: Kyoto & Kiyomizudera Temple, finally got these photos sorted and uploaded!

  • PDX walk by!

    2019/01/31: An evening walk along Marine Drive from Salty's Restaurant eastwards towards I205 and back. Good views of PDX!

  • Nishizawa Keikoku

    2014/10/18: These photos are from a 2014 trip to the Nishizawa Gorge in Yamnashi Japan with our friends Satomi & Mitsu. I'm just now getting around to sorting through them!

  • Heading For the Cloud cap Shelter

    2019/01/27: Chiyoko, Chizuru & I slogged our way up to the Cooper Spur Shelter. We went up the Polalie trail and down the Tilly Jane. Tough going in parts, especially in the trees above Tilly Jane were the snow was soft and we were sinking in even with snow shoes! Sill while the lowlands remained cold and foggy all day we enjoyed sunshine and warmer inversion temperatures!

  • Walking the Ross island bridge.

    2019/01/24: Continuing our series of evening photo hikes around Portland. The main purpose on this hike was to walk across the Ross island bridge. Some would consider this suicide even in day time but we did it after dark! In order to get our minimum Five miles in we started at the Hopworks Urban Brewery on 29th & Powel. Hiked down and across the Ross Island. We then took the Gibbs Street Pedestrian Bridge to cross I5 and reach the OSU Tram. After a quick ride up & down we returned to the East side of the Willamette again using the Tilikum Bridge then making our way back up to Hopworks for dinner & a pint! 5.4 miles all told.

  • A Very Blurry Moon!

    2019/01/20: I wasn't able to get any good photos of the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse from the the parkinging lot of the Lucky Lab! This photo is just to prove I saw it :)

  • Meet & Deet!

    2019/01/20: Seamus Daly at the Luck Lab Hikers Meet & Deet with Chiyoko

  • The Ross Island Bridge

    2019/01/20: Miserable weather combined with an evening "Meet & Deet" at Portland's Lucky Lab Brew Pub had us deciding on a city hike for the day. We walked down the East side Spring Water Trail and Oaks Bottom to Sellwood. Then across the Sellwood Bridge and back up the West side to the Tilikum Bridge & the Lucky Lab. About 11.5 miles all told.

  • Cape Lookout, Southbeach

    2019/01/13: Edited with the K-tone Kodachrome LUT.

  • Goodnight.

    2019/01/13: Cape Kiwanda is my favorite place on the North Oregon Coastline. So many interesting things to see and photograph. The Beach side Pelican Pub is also a plus! Sunday after our hike on Cape Lookout we retired to Pacific City for some light refreshment and to watch the Sun go down. Well Pascal & I watched the Sun go down, Chiyoko, Kazuko and Mana carried on drinking at the bar ;)

  • Looking out!

    2019/01/13: Chiyoko at Cape Lookout's South Beach on a wonderful Juneuary day!

  • Portlandia IV

    2019/01/10: Another evening walk around Portland taking photos. This time I tried out my Tokina F2.8 11-16mm for hand held night photos but it did not perform as well as my Nikon F1.8 35mm for hand held night shots. A lot city lights were blown out and the focus was soft, next time I'll see how it does with a tripod.

  • Happy Birthday!

    2018/01/09: Celebrating Dads 84th Birthday! ©Jane Meacham

  • A walk onTrillium lake

    2019/01/06: A quick jaunt around Trillium lake on a Snowy January day!

  • Gone fishin'

    2019/01/06: We ran into these guys successfully ice fishing on Trillium lake.

  • Antique Hike!

    2019/01/01: Tom Dick & Harry Loop Photo edited with Nik Silver effects Pro.

  • Top Nine!

    Guys Top Nine Instagram pics from 2018