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Marryhill Stonehenge

Marryhill Stonehenge

2019/05/09: I never pass Maryhill Stonehenge without stopping!

  • Elliot Creek Star Pics

    2019/08/17: Some night pics taken North of Mt Hood on the Eliot Creek where it crosses the Laurance Lake Rd.

  • Makin' a bridge!

    2019/08/18: Pascal makes a bridge as we hike around Laurance Lake!

  • Negotiating Lava!

    2018/08/18: Negotiating the 7000 year old Parkdale Lava Flow.

  • On Clark Creek in heather canyon.

    2019/08/11: Clouds meant no big Mt views today but we cobbled together a 10 mile loop that took us past Umbrella & Sahalie fall, then up the to the Timberline trail on Newton Creek with a side diversion up heather canyon.

  • Hug Point walk part I The Cave

    2019/08/04: For stop on our Heat escaping beach walk. Hug Point Cave. From Here we continued on around Hug Point on the old road that was carved into the rock then walked up Arcadia Beach past Lion Rock to Jockey Cap and Silver Point.

  • Hug Point Walk part III - Arch Cape.

    2019/08/04: We made it the 5 miles south to Arch Cape and we able to get around and sea the Arch before the tide returned.

  • Hug Point walk part II - Lion Rock

    2019/08/04: After checking out Jockey Cap & Silver Point we turned south with the goal of reaching Arch Cape. The sea mist came and went every few minutes sometimes as thick ad fog other times just a wisp in the air.

  • Hug Point walk part IV - Hug Point Rd.

    2019/08/04: Back at Hug point we checked out the old road again now that the tide had come it!

  • Jumping on Red Hill

    Old Vista Ridge (NIK Analog Effects Pro)

  • Bread!

    2019/08/01: Chiyoko is baking bread again!

  • On Katsuk Point

    2019/07/28: Returned to the Old Vista Ridge trail for the first time in 7 years. We hiked down to Perry Lake and back and also checked in on a couple of off trail spots along the way.

  • The Cape Mears Big Spruce!

    2019/07/20: A quick visit to Oregon biggest Sitka Spruce, estimated to be 750-800 years old.

  • On Agate Beach

    2019/07/20: After lunch in Ocean side we walked Agate Beach.

  • Lost Boy Cave

    2019/07/21: Sunday we found our way to the semi hidden only accessible at low tide Lost Boy Cave.

  • Serious Business!

    2019/07/20: Pavel (NOT) teaching us how to identify Czech beer ☺

  • Happy Birthday Mum!

    2017/07/20: Dad, Jane, Maddy out celebrating Mum's Birthday! © Jane Meacham.

  • Now you see it now you don't!

    2019/07/18: Happy Birthday Chiyoko!

  • Post hike vittles.

    Post hike vittles at Koya Kitchen in Welches.

  • A sit down in Paradise.

    2019/07/14: Sometimes you just got to go back to Paradise! Chiyoko & I made hiked an in and out to Paradise today from Timberline Lodge. We made a half marathon out of it by hiking an off trail loop above Split Rock. I kind of regretted that on the long climb out.

  • On Fort Rock!

    2019/07/07: In the middle of nowhere! On our way home from Summer Lake Hot Springs we stopped at Fort Rock, once an island in a shallow sea. There are only a few miles of hiking trails here but some fun scrambling and exploring is also possible.

  • Sunset

    2019/07/06: Sunset over the Summer Lake Hot Springs bath house.

  • A vast expanse of nothing

    2019/07/06: A vast expanse of nothing along the shore of Summer Lake.

  • The Bath House

    2019/07/05: We finished off a long and busy Friday with some Milky Way photography at Summer Lake Hot Springs.

  • Lake Abert.

    2019/07/06:We made a trip from our base camp at Summer Lake Hot Springs over to Lake Abert. Oregon's largest alkali or Salt Water Lake. The lake has a surface area on 54 to 64 square miles but only an average depth of 11'. The water is 2 to 10 times saltier than the sea depending on the season and the amount of water in it. No fish can live in the lake it supports only Brine Shrimp and Billions upon billions of Alkali Flies that just happened to have hatched for our visit!

  • Lord of the flies!

    2019/07/09: The billions upon billions of Alkali flies lining the entire shoreline of the +/-57 square mile Lake Abert!

  • Crack in the Ground.

    2019/07/05: Day 1 of our long weekend trip South we traveled from Home to Bend then took miles of back roads to find Oregon's "Crack in the Ground" (An ancient volcanic fissure). From here we continued South to our destination for the night Summer Lake Hot Springs.

  • Heading South!

    2019/07/05: Heading South to Crack in the Ground on miles of Oregon's gravel highways in the middle of nowhere.

  • Bend-o Bento!

    2019/07/05: Day 1 of our 3 day road trip south, lunch in Bend at Bend-o Bento Japanese Kitchen. Well worth the stop.

  • Pimms!

    2019/07/014: Happy Independence Day!

  • Under God's Thumb!

    2019/07: Independence day 2019 coincided with one of the lowest tides of the year on the Oregon Coast. We took advantage of that to visit some caves and rock pools below God's Thumb north of Lincoln City. The day began Early at 3:00am, I picked up Pavel at 4, rendezvous with Gene & Pascal at 4.45am. By 6.30am we were walking north on the Beach towards the God's Thumb headland.

  • Salmon Butte Slog

    2019/06/09: While I was away on my North Carolina & Tennessee trip Chiyoko teamed up with Kazuko, Chizuru & Pascal for a near 14 mile hike up Salmon Butte & back!

  • Hedgehog Watch!

    Hegehog antics continue at Mum & Dad's. Between 10.30pm and 3.45am either 4 Hedgehogs entering the garden or 1 hedgehog entering 4 times. But no photos of any leaving!

  • Wunderbar - Eddie Izzard in Concert!

    2019/07/01 Eddie Izzard in Concert at the Keller Auditorium!

  • Happy Birthday Kazuko! Home made matcha cup cakes.

  • Wandering around Silver Star.

    2019/06/30: Our first trip up to the Silver Star in about 5 years. We set off from the Grouse Vista TH for the Summit then added on the Ed's trail loop and returned by way of a very overgrown trial on other side of Pyramid Rock.

  • Heading Home!

    2019/06/28: Heading back to the west side with a bag of Walla Walla Onions! Here on the shore of the Columbia near Umatilla Oregon.

  • Crested Saguaro.

    2019/05/28: The perfect stop for the last day of our Sedona trip. The Phoenix Dessert Botanical Garden is only about 10 minutes from the airport and so an easy last stop before heading home.

  • Hedgehog Watch!

    2019/06/25: Hedgehog heading out on the town at 12:20am. Staggers home with a smile on it's face at 2:30am :)

  • End of Ape Canyon!

    2019/06/23: The end of the Apre Canyon trail where is meets up with the Loowit loop trail. Trees and clouds most of the way but we were rewarded with some views at the end.

  • Hedgehog Watch!

    2019/06/22: Hedgehogs are still visiting Mum & Dads back Garden & Dad is still getting some good pics!

  • Tiger Lilies & Charcoal!

    2019/06/19 A quick after work hike of the Multnomah - Wahkeena Loop!

  • Caught in the Vortex! (Movie_)

    Chiyoko caught in the cowpies Vortex!

  • The Cowpies Vortex!

    2016/05/27: Still trying catch up on our Sedona pics. Our last hike in Sedona was the Mud Wagon Trail to the Cowpies Vortex. Rain and the threat of thunderstorms kept us at lower elevations that we would have liked but still a good hike. We got caught is a short but quite violent hail storm when exposed at the Cowpies vortex!

  • A Nesika Work Day.

    2019/06/15: Chiyoko, Pascal & I spent a work day up at Nesika Lodge. We got two coasts of paint on the eaves of the roof and the doors. Looks spic and span now!

  • Jurasic Park

    2019/06/16: Working at Nesika Lodge on Saturday we wanted something easy for our Sunday hike. We settled on the "Other" Eagle Creek trail in the Salmon Huckleberry Wilderness. partly because it was relatively low elevation old forest hike and partly because it had been nine years since we last hiked it!

  • Nashville Tennessee

    2019/06/11: A few hours in Nashville! After attending a plant conference in Raleigh NC I drove with Kit one of our company salesmen the 530 miles to Winchester TN. We spent Monday & Tuesday visiting nurseries in the area then I had a few free hours in Nashville before heading home to Oregon.

  • Los Tres Dictadores

    The people you run into on the streets of Nashville!

  • An evening on Sugarloaf

    2019/05/26:Sugarloaf Mt. was an easy 1 mile jaunt about a mile away from our B&B we went up in the evening for a look south over Sedona.