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  • A Very Blurry Moon!

    2019/01/20: I wasn't able to get any good photos of the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse from the the parkinging lot of the Lucky Lab! This photo is just to prove I saw it :)

  • Meet & Deet!

    2019/01/20: Seamus Daly at the Luck Lab Hikers Meet & Deet with Chiyoko

  • The Ross Island Bridge

    2019/01/20: Miserable weather combined with an evening "Meet & Deet" at Portland's Lucky Lab Brew Pub had us deciding on a city hike for the day. We walked down the East side Spring Water Trail and Oaks Bottom to Sellwood. Then across the Sellwood Bridge and back up the West side to the Tilikum Bridge & the Lucky Lab. About 11.5 miles all told.

  • Cape Lookout, Southbeach

    2019/01/13: Edited with the K-tone Kodachrome LUT.

  • Goodnight.

    2019/01/13: Cape Kiwanda is my favorite place on the North Oregon Coastline. So many interesting things to see and photograph. The Beach side Pelican Pub is also a plus! Sunday after our hike on Cape Lookout we retired to Pacific City for some light refreshment and to watch the Sun go down. Well Pascal & I watched the Sun go down, Chiyoko, Kazuko and Mana carried on drinking at the bar ;)

  • Looking out!

    2019/01/13: Chiyoko at Cape Lookout's South Beach on a wonderful Juneuary day!

  • Portlandia IV

    2019/01/10: Another evening walk around Portland taking photos. This time I tried out my Tokina F2.8 11-16mm for hand held night photos but it did not perform as well as my Nikon F1.8 35mm for hand held night shots. A lot city lights were blown out and the focus was soft, next time I'll see how it does with a tripod.

  • Happy Birthday!

    2018/01/09: Celebrating Dads 84th Birthday! ©Jane Meacham

  • A walk onTrillium lake

    2019/01/06: A quick jaunt around Trillium lake on a Snowy January day!

  • Gone fishin'

    2019/01/06: We ran into these guys successfully ice fishing on Trillium lake.

  • Antique Hike!

    2019/01/01: Tom Dick & Harry Loop Photo edited with Nik Silver effects Pro.

  • Top Nine!

    Guys Top Nine Instagram pics from 2018

  • A new Years Day Hike!

    2019/01/01: For our first hike of 2019 we looped up and over Tom Dick & harry Mt from the new Mirror Lake Trailhead returning by way of Skibowl. A great way to kick off 2019!