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Photos & links to new galleries added in 2020

  • Covid Life

    I went to the airport just to see what it looked like 2 months in to our Covid Lock down. The answer would be like a ghost town!

  • Lightning Strikes!

    2020/05/30: Thunder & Lightning storms are rare for us here in NW Oregon. We had a good one this morning though and this poor tree at work drew the short straw!

  • Before the madding hoards.

    2020/05/28: We normally do an evening Spring walk around Trillium in April or early May. This year with all the Covid madness we didn't get here until May 28. The evening before they officially reopen the trail and the madding hordes arrive!

  • 2020/05/24: On the side of the road in the little town of Maupin Oregon!

  • A still Creek Loop in the rain.

    2020/05/25: A rainy memorial day meant there was no need to look for a hike with views! A walk in the trees would be fine. We ended up hiking a 10 mile loop from the Tollgate Campground in Rhododendron along the Pioneer Bridle Trail then across the Still Creek Trail to Still creek Rd for the return. Other people seen 4. Covid Hiking continues!

  • The Criterion Ranch

    2020/05/24: In search of Social Isolation we made our first trip out to the Criterion Ranch on the wide open land South of Maupin. Number of other people seen all day - 7, number of snakes 1!

  • My Covid Work Life II

    2020/05/22: Pentax Super, Konica VX400. A second roll of pics taken and added to this photo gallery. Same film, same camera. BSF

  • A river runs through it!

    2020/05/17: Only about a mile from home as the crow flies but a 10 mile drive to the trailhead we went and checked out the much less frequently visited north side of Oxbow Park today. The recently constructed new Salmon spawning Channels on the North bank mean that this trail can now not be completed without getting your feet wet! © Chiyoko Meacham

  • Bull Run Hydro

    2020/05/17: After hiking North Oxbow Park we came home via Bull Run Hydro. It ran for nearly 100 years before being decommissioned in 2008.

  • Mergansers!

    2020/05/17: We spotted these Mergansers on the Sandy River. Mum & 21 kids! Note the lazy one who is riding rather than paddling ☺

  • My Covid Work Life

    Pentax Super, Konica VX400: 2020/05/11: Some random photos taken around work in April. Shot with a 1984 Pentax Super and Konica VX 400 film that expired in 2004. D62

  • A march into Burnt Lake

    2020/05/10: Covid Hike #3: Trailheads remain closed so the usual 7.5 mile hike to Burnt Lake 7 back turned into a 14.5 mile hike as we had to go from the locked gate at Old Maid Flats. A long & lovely peaceful day in the woods. We ran into only 5 other people all day. One on his way out early in the morning and 4 more in the final mile on the way back.

  • Along the Salmon River!

    2020/05/03: Another hike under the MHNF covid parameters of no parking at trailheads! This one along the Old Salmon River trail and the first half of the Salmon Butte trail from the MHNF boundary instead of the trailhead! 8 miles round trip and only 1 other group encountered! #covidhiking!

  • 2020/03/08: A hike into Lost Lake. Pentax Super, Konica Monochrome VX400 Film, Expired 2004.

  • 2020/03/15: A boring Pleasent Home Walkabout. Pentax Super, Konica Monochrome VX400 Film, Expired 2004.

  • Garden Walkabouts!

    Tetrapanax papyifera 'Steroidal Giant'Our Plantmad Garden 2020 - Random garden walkabout pics

  • Wineoclock!

    2020/04/24: More Covid 19 preparations ☺

  • Happy anniversary!

    2020/04/27: Nothing says Happy Anniversary like a 40lb bag of rice ☺

  • Happy Anniversary to us!

    2020/04/26: Our socially distant Wedding Anniversary hike into Ramona Falls. Lot's of confusion about what and isn't open in the Mt Hood National Forest but we didn't have to break any USFS rules to do this and for the first 10 of the 12.5 miles we didn't see anyone! #covidhiking!

  • Bluebell Time!

    2020/04/21: Dad, Hetty & the Blubells in Hyning Wood. © Norma Meacham

  • Teacup Loops in Analog!

    2020/04/21: Got a second roll of film back that I had put through the Diana Mini over the past couple of months.

  • On the Cazadero

    2020/04/19: As the Oregon lock down continues there are limited places we can still hike. This Sunday we hiked a few miles around Boring & on the Cazadero trail.

  • Expensive Dog Food

    2020/04/12: Corona virus lock down continues so a 7.5 mile walk from home around the Hood Acres farm then back through Pleasant Home.

  • Not Rock Bottom ☺

    2020/04/13: More of Jane, Maddy & Anwen's Happy rock art work. © Jane Meacham

  • Warton Walkabout

    2020/04/14: Mum & Dad's first walk across the fields for a few months. © George Meacham

  • Happy Stones

    2020/04/08: Jane, Maddy & Anwen's stone painting project. Left around Silverdale to cheer people up when they are out for their 1 daily walk! © Jane Meacham

  • Fish & Chips!

    2020/04/05: Just some fish & chips with Mushy peas ☺

  • Socially distant hiking

    2020/04/05: Mt Hood closed, Columbia Gorge closed, The Coast closed! Where could we go for a bit of hike without bumping into a lot of folks. Answer a loop through Sandy & the tickle Creek Trail.

  • 2020/03/29: Sunday Roast, Eating instead of hiking!

  • Happy Birthday!

    2020/03/27: Happy 16th Birthday Madeleine, enjoy the camera ☺! ©Jane Meacham

  • Cabbages at Sunrise

    2020/03/22: Not reduced to eating these yet but I know where they are if things get desperate.

  • Sunrise at Crown Point.

    2020/03/21: So we elected not to go hiking and stay at home most of today in the new Corona virus reality! The only exception a 6:00am run up to Crown Point (We only live 15 minutes away) to watch the Sunrise then back home. A few other folks doing the same thing but plenty of room between us.

  • Happy Mothers Day!

    2020/03/22: Big props to Jane for doing this and Mum & Dad Celebrate Mothers day in social isolation lockdown.

  • Pheasant Pie?

    2020/03/17: A pheasant visits Mum & Dads Garden. © George Meacham

  • A Troutdale Loop.

    2020/03/15: Just a local hike around Troutdale & the Sandy River this Sunday! We also walked past whats left of the poor old Tippy Canoe after it burned down a couple of months ago.

  • Spring in Hyning Wood

    2020/03/15: Spring in Hyning Wood © Gerge Meacham

  • Corona Virus Madness

    2020/03/13: Safeway in Sandy (Fred Meyer was the same) No toilet paper but lots of beer!

  • Pentax Auto 110 - Vista House 03/2020

    2020/03/12: A Pentax Auto 110 camera and some expired Fukkatsu 110 film. Yes I know digital is better & 110 film was never a good idea :) That being said the Pentax Auto 110 is a true marvel of Japanese camera engineering, the only ultra miniature SLR system with interchangeable lenses manufactured for the 110 film format.

  • Kodak Ektramax - Veterans Memorial, Canby

    2020/03/12: Another roll of Tiger 110 film shot with a 1970's Kodak Ektramax

  • Alone at Lost Lake

    2020/03/08: We celebrated the time change to Pacific Summer Time with a hike into Lost Lake today We hiked in the last 3.5 miles of closed road and didn't see another soul until the final hour on our way back. One of those fantastic days that makes up for all those weeks of hiking in the rain ☺

  • Kodak Ektramax - JFS

    2020/03/02: I shot this roll of Lomography Tiger 110 film with an old Kodak Ektramax. Introduced in 1978 it was probably one of the best 110 cameras made back then. Mostly because of it's fast F1.9 lens and even some limited control over shutter speeds。Also completely mechanical it only needs a battery if you want to use the flash!

  • A Windy Day in Morcambe!

    2020/03/01: A windy day on the Morcambe seafront! ©Geroge Meacham

  • Basin Wanderings

    2020/03/01: More off trail exploring in the Multnomah Basin.

  • Vista House Sunset

    2002/02/27: A quick after work run up to Vista House to watch the sun set! We need to wait a little longer until it's setting over the river though!

  • A couple of Teacup loops.

    2020/02/24: We headed on up the Mountain and got in a couple of loops at Teacup today. Snowy, cold and often blizzard like for much of the day with 5 minutes of Sun at the end.

  • Walking Powell Blvd.

    2020/02/20: An evening walk along Powell in Gresham between Burnside & Eastman Parkway with a detour through downtown Gresham. We finished it off the dinner & a Margarita at Agave Azul ☺

  • Vivitar EF110 Tele - Columbia Gorge

    2020/02: Second and last chance for the Vivitar 110EF. It just can't take decent photos! Plenty more cheap and better quality 110 Cameras on ebay to try!