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  • Happy Birthday!

    Celebrating Dads Birthday at the Eagles Head © Jane Meacham

  • Christmas in Silverdale

    2019/12/25: Some photos taken by Jane of the family festivities back in England. © Jane Meacham

  • Character Building!

    2020/01/12: Character Building would be the best way to describe the hike Pascal & I took this week! We had to break trail in 1-2 feet of new snow from Multorpor to the Trillium Junction. Intermittent rain, snow and whiteouts on our 8 mile tromp through the snow today.

  • Remembering Nancy.

    2020/01/07: 2020 started out with some very sad news for us. Our friend & hiking buddy Nancy passed away suddenly & unexpectedly. Nancy was a formidable hiker rain or shine, inspiring respect from others less than half her age who often had to work hard to keep up with her. She moved to Virginia to be closer to her family after Scotty died but she was still hiking all the time and had started doing some longer hikes abroad. The Coast to Coast trail in Northern England 2018 & the Pembrokeshire Coast Trail in Wales in 2019. In 2020 she was planning to go to Ireland. Sad times but so many great memories.

  • Playing with film

    2020/01/06 Figuring out how to scan film negatives!

  • Pentax Program Plus - Jonsrud Viewpoint

    2020/01/02: My first roll of 35mm film in 20 years! I used this camera from about 1986 to 1999. Took thousands of slides with it, most of which are still stored away in boxes and never see the light of day! These photos were shot on a few hikes this fall & winter using Fujicolor Superiaq X-TRA 400 film. Things started out well but several were much too dark towards the end. I'm not sure if I accidentally changed a camera setting or the light meter which seems to work only sometimes was playing up!

  • 2020/01/01: Chiyoko's home made new year Osechi Ryori.

  • Chiyoko enjoying some Virtual Reality Fun ☺

  • Wahclella again!

    2020/01/01: A easy hike to start out 2020. We hiked the Wahclella Falls trail for the first time since it's re opening after the 2018 fire. Then went the other way around Tooth Rock on the old Columbia highway to the Eagle Creek Overlook built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1938.