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Photos & links to new galleries added in 2021

  • A butt slide back to Government Camp.

    2021/01/24: A forecast of rain or snow for Sunday left us without any clear ideas of where to go. We settled on just going to Government Camp and decided to hike the Glade Tail up to Timberline Lodge. We stopped about half a mile before the lodge though as we didn't want to play chicken with all the skiers! To make a loop out of it we came back down the Alpine trail with a bit of the Westleg Rd thrown in! © Chiyoko Meacham

  • Happy Birthday Akitomo!

    2021/01/17 While at Cottonwood Canyon we also celebrated Akitomo's Birthday!

  • Cottonwood Canyon, Goose Neck Loop.

    2021/01/17: Our first go at the Gooseneck loop hike around Cottonwood Canyon.

  • An evening in Oregon City.

    2021/01/14: I took my new Olympus OMD 10iv out for a spin in Oregon city after work to see how it handles night shots and try out it's "live composite" mode.

  • Another mighty fine sunrise!

    2021/01/14: Sunrise from work this time with a 1977 Konica Hexanon 35-70 lens attached to the Olympus OMD.

  • A mighty fine sunrise!

    2021/01/11: A fine sunrise to start off the week, taken from work at 7:37am.

  • Happy Birthday

    2020/01/09 Virtual Happy Birthday Greetings to Dad!

  • On Franklin Riodge

    2021/01/10: We went to check out the Recently reopened Franklin Ridge today as part of a 10 mile loop from the Larch Mt Gate. We saw only two other groups all day, two trail runners and 5 SARS folks out on a training hike. Franklin certainly feels more like a ridge hike since the fire but views will have to wait for another day since it was cold wet and foggy today!

  • Top Nine

    Guy's Instagram top nine for 2020.

  • Return to Eagle Creek.

    2021/01/03: We tried to resist but couldn't! Eagle Creek was reopened a few days ago for the first time since the September 2017 fire. We knew it would be busy so we pulled into the dark and rainy trailhead at 6:50am. We waited until just after 7:00 when there was enough light to hike and the rain had also mostly stopped! We were prepared to have to wade Sorenson & WyEast Creeks but WyEast at the 5 mile mark was a bit too much for us. Over 2' deep and running fast. We decided to turn around and save tunnel falls for another day.

  • Multnomah - Wahkeena Loop

    2021/01/01: The new years day weather wasn't forecast to be up to much with heavy rain by early afternoon so we started off 2021 with a quick morning hike around the recently reopened Multnomah & Wahkeena falls loop.

  • Nap Time.

    2021/01/01 Hetty talking a New Years day afternoon nap. © George Meacham