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A smokey day in Corbett

A smokey day in Corbett

20/09/13: We endured a over week of think acrid firesmoke in spetember with polutions levels often above the scale which ends at 500! the most unhealthy air on earth that week! The photo was taken with my Olympus OM10 on Fujicolor Pro 400H film.

#Walkaboutfilm :Taking new photos with old cameras!

At the end of 2019 I returned to film after not shooting a single roll in over 20 years. My first few rolls were terrible, there are so many things that you have to remember with film that you don't with digital. None of the photos I've taken with film cam match clarity of my digital photos and they certainly cost a lot more. There is still something very gratifying about shooting film though, you have to work so much harder for the photos. It's like looking at the present through the past!                               

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