Asahi Pentax has never had the same cachet as Nikon or Canon but throughout their history they have often been the most innovative camera company. The Nikon F1 introduced in 1959 is often credited as being the first SLR camera produced in Japan but it was in fact the Pentax AP introduced in 1957. The AP led to the highly successful S series cameras. These cameras set the standard for SLR camera layout that would be copied by Nikon, Canon and many others. The last of the S series was the SV released in 1962, over half a million were made between 1962 & 1970. Fully mechanical cameras with no light meter, though Pentax made a separate external light meter that could be fitted to the camera. In the states the cameras were also sold under the Honeywell Pentax name, the corresponding Honeywell version to the SV is the H3. These cameras were remarkably well made and it’s not difficult to find a working model for sale today for less than $50.00. I paid $35.00 for mine and that also included an original & still working Pentax light meter. These are the first photos I’ve taken with this over 50 year old camera loaded with some Kodak TMax 400. The Shutter curtain does seem to hang sometimes so I'm sure it will benefit from a good CLA.