I’d heard good things about this camera for a long time. First introduced in 1968 this “Automatic” version came out in 1971. Automatic stood for the flash not for the auto selection of shutter & aperture which they all did. Though it’s an all automatic camera with little user control besides setting the ISO it’s 38mm f2.8 four-element Hexanon lens always got great reviews. I was able to pick one up on ebay for a good price, at first I was not sure if it was even working properly. Bulb mode was certainly broken and since there is a relatively narrow range of shutter speeds it was hard to know if they were changing based on light levels. I could see that the aperture was changing though. The only thing for it was to run a roll of film through it. I loaded it up with some Ilford HP5 and shot it around the Mcmenamins Edgefield in Troutdale & the Portland Convention Center while there for a trade show. I’m now definitely a fan of this little camera, the lens really is sharp & I love the B&W contrast. It’s definitely going on the keeper shelf!