Introduced in 1986 the Chinon CP7M had some unique features to temp buyers away from the more expensive and established brands. It's the only camera with a basic K mount that offers a fully automatic Program Mode; in fact it offers 3 of them. Standard P mode, PA (action) with a bias towards action and shutter speed and PC (creative) with a bias towards aperture. There is also an easy to use multiple exposure button something Chinon cameras were often known for. It also has an “intervalometer” which allows you to set up the camera to take shots every 1 to 90 minutes apart. The cameras were very well made and can be picked up on eBay for far less money than a comparable Pentax or Olympus can. These are the first photos I’ve taken with the camera running a roll of Kentmere 100 though it on a walk around Portland's Chinatown.

Into the world of Chinon. | The same Walkabout with a Nikon N90s & Neopan Acros 100