PDX Walkabout with a Nikon N90s (F90X) & Neopan Acros II: The N90S was an upgrade on the N90 (1989 - 1993) it was in production from 1994 to 2001 but new models could be purchased as late as 2004 and often sold for more than $1000.00. It’s an extremely capable camera and strangely can now be found on eBay for well under $100.00. I picked mine up for under $50.00 and it works perfectly. I needed to test it out with some Fuji Acros II film as I was planning to use it at an upcoming wedding. I took it along on the same Portland Chinatown walkabout as my Chinon CP7 loaded with Kentmere 100. It gave me an interesting comparison between this high end 90’s camera loaded with a high end film and the much cheaper 80’s camera loaded with budget film.

The same Walkabout with the Chinon CP-7M & Kentmere 100