The Pentax PC35 AF was the first Auto Focus Camera made by Pentax and has some solid specs, especially it’s 35mm F2.8 five element lens. The infrared triangular autofocus is super fast and silent. F stops between 2.8 to 16, shutter speeds of 1/8th to 1/430th. A film ISO range of 25 to 400. First released in 1982 & made in Japan the camera kept some important manual functions, it could not read film DX codes so the ISO had to be set manually. The wind forward and film rewind are still manual and not automated. These are pluses in my book as 40 years on these are things that are likely to break and render a camera useless. Later versions made in Hong Kong added all of these common point & shoot conveniences.

The point & shoot film revival crowd haven’t found this camera yet and so prices are much cheaper than on some other models with the same specs. I have no plans to buy a contax T2 for $1200.00 any time soon! Still at around $100.00 relying on 40 year old electronics to work they are not cheap & more than I wanted to pay! I picked mine up for $40.00 because the flash wouldn’t stay down and so was always charged and battery draining! However 2 inches of black electrical tape solved that problem and everything else about the camera works. I can even remove the electrical tape when needed to use the flash! These photos are from my first test roll of Tri X 400 that I put through the camera.