40 Year Old Agfa Superpan in a Chinon CE II Memotron: This old made in Germany Agfa-Gevaert B&W 200 speed film has a use by date of July 1984 which means it was probably made around 1982. Forty years of sitting in a box waiting to be used didn’t improve it but I enjoy getting images out of such old film that's been sitting there so long waiting to be used. I can’t find out much about this particular film though it comes in very nice orange box packaging and the film canisters have have orange lids.

The photos were taken on a walk around Gresham downtown to test out the film (since I have another 9 rolls!) and also test out my latest Chinon a CE II Memotron set to 100 ISO. The camera was released in 1976 2 years after the Original CE. It’s main claim to fame was that it could use open aperture exposure with just about any M42 lens. The camera could be used in auto aperture priority mode or in full manual mode. Auto speeds ranged from 2s to 1/2000th and Manual speeds from B to 1/2000th. The camera also came with an easy to use double exposure option.

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