Hawthorn & Bellmont with an OM4: On 2021/09/09 I went for an evening walkabout around Hawthorn Blvd. & Bellmont St. in East Portland. It was the first test of my recently acquired Olympus OM4 which is another marvelous camera in the OM series. The OM4 was made from 1983 to 1987 it replaced the OM2n (1979 - 1984) and was replaced by the OM4TI (1986 - 2002). Like the OM2 & OM2n the camera is battery dependent. It has some excellent advanced metering using both Spot and averaged off the film metering. It was easy to see in these photos how well the camera handled the bright sunshine and dark shadows in many of these photos. The camera was loaded with JCH Streetpan 400 shot at 200. I’m really liking this film when shot at 200 for street photography