Film Washi:

I recently took a bit of a dive into some of the offerings of Film Washi. Film Washi bills itself as “The World's Smallest Film Company” Founded in 2013 by Lomig Perrotin in the closet of his Parisian flat, and later in the family garage in Saint-Nazaire, Film Washi remains a one-man-business. Lomig specializes in hand coated emulsions on Japanese Washi Paper. He also specializes in making available industrial, medical & any other films that are typically not made for traditional photography.

The first of these I tried was Washi D which is a 500 ISO Russian panchromatic aerial surveillance and cartography film. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine Lomig has stopped making Washi D. He says it may or may not return in the future. I loaded the roll into my Chinon CE4s equipped with the Auto Chinon 1:2.8 40mm Pancake lens and shot it at box speed on a sunny day. I really like the look of this film, for me the high contrast images resemble JCH Streetpan when I shoot it at 200. The photos are taken on a walkaround Kent and Georgetown near Seattle.

Film Washi