The other camera I took on our John Day Fossil Beds trip was my half frame Olympus FT. The Original Pen was made from 1963 to 1966. It was followed by this model the FT (1966 to 1972) which added a light meter. In the viewfinder a needle pointed to a number between 0 & 7 which corresponded to a number on the lens. Designed for simplicity the lenses did also show conventional F stop info and the camera could be used without a battery or meter in manual mode. The addition of the light meter greatly dimmed the viewfinder which became a complaint of the FT & so also made alongside the FT was a third version the FV (1967 to 1970) which was essentially an FT without a light meter and the original brighter viewfinder.

On this trip I first loaded the Camera with two rolls of an aerial panchromatic B&W film made in the Ukraine. It's sold in the US by the Film Photography Project under the name of Derev Pan. Who actually makes the film seems to be a secret the Film Photography Project does not wish to share but my guess is that this is an Astrum film stock! 36 exposure rolls of ISO 100, 200 & 400 are available for these photos I used Derev 200.

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