Into the world of Chinon IV: The “SLR” yes that’s the model name of this camera. It's a bit of a mystery to me as to why it was made! The only manufacture date I can find is 1979 but that was the year that they introduced their first K mount cameras the CM4 & the CE4 why they would also introduce a much more basic all metal M42 camera that still used the old Mercury batteries the same year is a bit of a mystery. Some have suggested this camera was made with all their leftover parts from previous M42 cameras as they made the switch to K mount. I picked the camera up for a song for its F1.7 50mm lens more than anything but decided to run a roll of 2001 kodak triX through it!

The 20 plus year old TriX came out pretty grainy so for comparison I also ran the scans through ON1’s no noise filter and you can see both versions below. I shot all the Portland Airport photos while there picking up my wife but there is so much construction going on at PDX right now most of the public areas are closed off to non flyers and so much subject matter was pretty limited.

Into the world of Chinon