2022/01/21: I spent a couple of evening hours walking around Sandy with two cameras. One a 1970 Nikon F with a Nikkor 50mm F1.4 lens loaded with Kodak TriX400 pushed 1 stop to 800. The other a 1990s Nikon 90S also with a Nikkor 50mm F1.4 lens loaded with Lomography's Color Negative 800 Film. The 90S is an autofocus camera, I shot it in aperture priority mode then matched those settings on the the much older manual Nikon F. The Nikon F photos were less well exposed but this could be a function of relying on the 90S light meter or the fact that I was using 400 speed film pushed one stop. There are two versions of the Nikon F photos the original negative scans and those same scans run through ON1 Photo Raw's No Noise filter. Either way here are the results:

Nikon F & TriX 400 +1 | Nikon 90S & Lomo CN 800