The Petri Racer was introduced in 1966, it was offered as a smaller lighter version of the 7S but with the same F2.8 or F1.8 lens options. The shutter button was also moved from the top of the camera to the front. Also like the 7S it has an uncoupled light meter and the Camera is completely mechanical and so can be used without a battery which in this case is a good thing because the meter on mine is not working! While the camera is a tad smaller & lighter than the 7S the difference is nothing to write home about! It doesn’t really feel any smaller or lighter in the hand or the pocket. I’m sure you can get accustomed to the front positioned shutter button but I kept trying to take photos by pressing the cable release knob! Personally I think I still prefer the 7S to the Racer but others may think differently. For the photos that follow I loaded it with a roll of Kentmere 400 and shot it around my local town of Sandy Oregon on Memorial Day Weekend.