Retropan 320 soft. Rolling around in my film box for a couple of years has been this one roll of Foma Retropan 320. The film was introduced by Foma in 2015 and described as a low contrast fine grain film. This is a little odd because just about every review of it online talks about how incredibly grainy it is! To be fair a special Foma developer is recommended for the film and I’m sure that this is normally not used, it wasn’t in my case. I shot my 1 roll with a Nikomat FTN on a drive along the Centerville Highway in Washington from Lyle east of Hood River on the Columbia Gorge to Goldendale then finished the roll off at the Maryhill Museum.

It’s incredibly grainy alright! In fact when I first looked at the scans I thought that either I or the camera had messed up! When I look at other photos online though I can see that this is how they often look. It seems that the film has now been discontinued in 35mm but is still available in Medium & large format and to be fair I did see some great photos online shot on 120 film and developed in the Foma developer with some people loving the film. This will more than likely be the only roll of Retropan 320 I ever shoot but at least I used it once!