Two Prakticas - I The MTL3. Praktica cameras were made in Dresden, part of the old GDR by the Pentacon company from 1949 until German reunification in 1990. They were considered to be better quality than Russian Cameras of the time but more basic & more importantly cheaper than Japanese cameras. Large numbers were exported to the West during the 70’s & 80’s. The MTL3 is a great example of these cameras, solidly built, heavy but not fancy, no frills, utilitarian would be a good way to describe them. Made in great numbers between 1978 & 1984 when it was replaced by the MTL5. The camera is entirely mechanical, a battery is needed only for the light meter. The most noticeable thing about the camera is it’s robust vertical metal curtain shutter. You will certainly know that you have pressed the shutter button as the camera can take shutter slap to a whole new level rattling windows in nearby buildings. These photos were taken along Powell Boulevard between 39th & 1st avenue on 2021/08/26