The Argus C3 (The Brick) was in production from 1939 until 1966 and around 2.2 million were sold. Due to it’s shape, durability & weight it became known as “The Brick”. In Japan it was known as “The Lunchbox”. The design of the C3 changed little over it’s 27 years in production. The sturdy build & simplicity made them long lasting and easy to fix if something did go wrong. They were commonly used in WWII by both American soldiers and at least one War Soldier turned Photographer, Tony Vaccaro. Jimmy Carter was also the proud owner of a C3! From the serial number I know that this one was made in 1953 making it 70 years old now and still working. It’s not the easiest camera to shoot. Both the rangefinder & viewfinder windows are only 4mm wide and have become rather foggy on this camera making framing & focusing the photo a bit of a challenge. I’m debating if I should risk opening up the camera to clean the inside of the viewfinder & rangefinder or not! This was the first time I’ve used the camera so these are test shots taken while walking around Vancouver WA on a roll of Kentmere 400 film.  drawback of the camera is that there is nothing to prevent you from accidentally taking multiple exposures on one frame of film. Something I did several times on this roll!