12 Pocket cameras, 12 films in 12 months: One of the photography projects I set myself for 2022 was to take one photo a day with a different pocket camera for each month of the year loaded with a different film each time. I’m defining “pocket camera” as simply that, a camera that will fit in your pocket regardless of type. With 3 ratings, Excellent for a camera that would fit easily into any small pocket. “Good” for slightly larger cameras that probably won't fit in a small trouser pocket but would fit into a shirt or jacket pocket. Finally “Fair” for cameras that would need a coat pocket & can barely be defined as pocket cameras but were marketed that way when they were released.

For June I chose a Pentax Espio 24EW loaded with Fujicolor Superia 400, I actually shot 2 rolls through it while on vacation in the UK. It was one of the last point & shoot film cameras released by Pentax in 2003 when the digital camera revolution was already well under way! It’s also unusual with its 24mm wide angle. The 24 - 105mm lens certainly isn’t fast F4.9-12.5 with 7 elements in 5 groups. For me it’s not a great camera, it performs OK in bright sunshine but this camera at least does not handle cloudy or overcast days very well at all with lots of underexposed photos.