12 Pocket cameras, 12 films in 12 months: One of the photography projects I set myself for 2022 was to take one photo a day with a different pocket camera for each month of the year loaded with a different film each time. I’m defining “pocket camera” as simply that, a camera that will fit in your pocket regardless of type. With 3 ratings, Excellent for a camera that would fit easily into any small pocket. “Good” for slightly larger cameras that probably won't fit in a small trouser pocket but would fit into a shirt or jacket pocket. Finally “Fair” for cameras that would need a coat pocket & can barely be defined as pocket cameras but were marketed that way when they were released.

For May I shot the Olympus Trip 35 loaded with some 2005 Perutz Primera 100 film. The Olympus Trip had a long run from 1967 to 1984 During that time over 10 million were made! A Zone focus camera with a very sharp lens. It has only 2 Shutter Speeds 1/40th & 1/200th and the Camera would decide which one to use along with the aperture based on the readings of it's Selenium Light Meter. In Manual (Flash Mode) it is possible to pick the aperture but the speed is locked at 1/40th. Perutz was an old German film company acquired by Agfa in 1964. I don't know when production of Perutz branded film stopped but I've not come across any later than 2005.