Two Rolls with a 1986 Pentax Zoom IQ Zoom. Introduced in 1986 the IQ Zoom or Zoom 70 was the first compact point & shoot camera with a built-in zoom lens and flash. It was also the beginning of what would become the very successful Pentax Espio or IQ Zoom line of cameras that would continue into the early 2000’s. There were 4 versions of the 70, the original (1986), the 70-S (1988) was basically the same camera with rounded edges. The 70-X in 1989 offered many new features including an aspheric lens which allowed the lens to retract right into the body when not in use. Finally in 1992 the final version the 70-R was released which was basically the 70-X with added anti red eye. The 70 series became a favorite backup pocket camera for many press photographers as the lens is sharp & contrasty, able to handle black & white film very well and took good quality images for newspaper print. At 139mm x 75mm x 62mm and 460 grams it’s not a small or a particularly light camera in fact it’s barely a pocket camera but it’s reliable and easy to use!