Into the World of Chinon II: The next Chinon that I tried was the CM-4 released in 1979/80, Along with the electromechanical version the CE4 they the first Chinon Cameras to use the Pentax K Mount. (There was also a nearly identical camera, the CS-4 which retained M42 screw mount). The Camera is mostly plastic and doesn’t have the robust feel. It’s fully mechanical with 2 LR44 batteries powering the light meter. Unlike most cameras the Light Meter guide lights (1 green & 2 red for under & over exposure) are not inside the camera but outside next to the viewfinder. It's a design that works well & I’m surprised it’s not seen on more cameras. One other curious feature is the red LED “Action Lamp” on the front of the camera this flashes red when the shutter is open. I suppose it’s a useful feature if you are photographing people and you want them to know when the shutter fires or has fired! There was also a CM-4s which replaced this “Action Lamp” with a self timer lever. I took this camera with me on a hike and have to say that it’s lighter weight and its simple exposure guide lights made it quick and simple to use. The camera was loaded with a roll of Kodak Color Plus 200 and the photos were taken on a couple of Columbia Gorge hikes up Dog Mountain & the Multnomah Wahkeena loop. I enjoyed using it more than I thought I would!

Into the World of Chinon