Wolfen NC500, First look! Well I’ve shot my first roll of ORWO’s Wolfen NC500 the “new” color film that everyone who pre ordered back in July 2022 finally got in January 2023. But what the hell is it? ORWO changed their story so many times on what was being made and where it’s hard to know. Some of the best info may come from the Inoviscoat company website. This is the company that coated the film, they say that Wolfen NC500 was developed by them from ISO 500 Color Cinema Film converted to ISO 400 C41 process color negative film. This seems a bit odd to me as if you remove the Rem Jet layer before shooting for C41 processing you would expect the ISO to increase not decrease, unless it’s old film? To me the film has a look of Lomography’s Metropolis film also coated by Inoviscoat. I think I’m going to need to do a side by side comparison of the two! These photos were all taken on a walkabout Corvallis Oregon.