Olympus Infinity Jr (AF10 Super) or the “Picasso Mini Super”: This camera wasreleased in 1990. In the same family as the AFL (1983) AF1 (1986) & AF10 (1987). The camera is an all auto all the time point & shoot. It comes though with a well reviewed F3.5 lens and was the predecessor to what would become the cult Mju & Mju II cameras. I picked this one up for a good price on eBay, it’s always a risk buying these old all electronic AF point & shoots. Their life span is limited and you pretty much have to accept that when they stop working you probably won’t get them to start again! This one struggled a bit at first refusing to wind on properly causing some multiple exposures but then it seemed to get into its stride and worked properly. I loaded it with some Kodak Color Plus 200 and shot a few photos on a Mt. Hood hike (when it was having trouble) and the rest on Powell Blvd. in Gresham (when it decided to work properly).