You say Nikomat I say Nikkormat! Part I The FTN: Made by Nikon between 1965 & 1978 Nikomats (Japan) or Nikkormats (US) were simpler, more affordable cameras as compared to the Nikon F professional series. Nevertheless they were extremely well made and could accept all the same Nikon lenses. Nikkormats can be divided into 2 groups, the fully mechanical F series cameras and the electromechanical EL cameras. These should probably be avoided if buying a Nikkomat today as it’s the 50 year old electronics that are always the first thing to go bad! The original FT camera was sold from 1965 to 67, mounting the lens so that the light meter would work correctly was quite a complicated procedure on this model. In 1967 the FTN (N for new) was released which greatly simplified this process (though there are still some steps you must follow in order for correct light readings). The FTN had the longest run of any of the Nikkormats, being made from 1967 to 1975. The most noticeable difference of Nikkormat cameras was the shutter speed & ISO selection being on a ring around the lens rather than the more commonly seen dial on top of the camera. The cameras also came with mirror lockup and a handily placed depth of field preview button.