Svema Color 125, a fair bit of mystery surrounds this film, sold intermittently by the Film Photography Project. Their lips are sealed as to what it really is but it’s a pretty safe bet it’s not made by Svema or the company that arose from their ruins called Astrum. Some online sources say neither company ever had the ability to make C41 color negative film. The most popular theory is that its Kodak Aerocolor 125. This is a specialty aerial surveillance & mapping film; it's also commonly available in Russia in 135 format under a few similar names. There seems to be both Aerocolor III & Aerocolor IV versions out there. If I had to guess I’d say Svema Color 125 is actually Kodak Aerocolor III. Either made by Kodak in Russia or Eastern Europe or imported from the US and then respooled there. Whatever it is, it does have quite a unique color pallet.