Agfachrome CT100: Though Agfa had been making slide film since the 1930’s CT100 was the first Slide film they made that could be E6 processed and is considered the forerunner to Agfa Precisa. CT100 was introduced in 1984 and was made until 1992. It was then upgraded and sold as CT100i until 1995 then upgraded again and sold as CT100x before becoming CT Precisa in 1999. I picked up 11 of these undated rolls on ebay for $25.00 and really like how the colors in the film have held up all these years later.

I shot the photos with a Chinon CM7 which actually isn’t a Chinon at all. It was made by Cosina using their CT-1 chassis. The same CT-1 chassis was used by Cosina to make cameras for many other companies that put their name on them at that time including the Olympus OM2000, Nikon FE10, Nikon FM10, Canon T60 as well as several others.

Into the World of Chinon