The Pentax Espio/IQZoom 150SL. Thanks to @urbanadventureleaguepdx for this camera. By the time this camera was introduced in 2001 & had already made the switch from film to digital and was using a Sony Cybershot F505V. This camera pretty much represents the end of the line for point and shoot film cameras, it was a near top of the line end model, small, lightweight with a metal body selling for somewhere between $350 & $400 in 2001 ($500 to $600 in 2021 dollars). It has some nice features but a fast lens isn’t one of them F5.6-12 (38mm-150mm) Neither does it have a great range of shutter speeds (2s to 1/350th) but with such slow glass it probably doesn’t need anything faster. It’s not the kind of camera I would normally seek out, I much prefer the early AF Point & Shoots with faster lenses, where the flash isn’t on by default and you can manually set the ISO speed. It does represent a spot at the end of the point & shoot film camera evolutionary timeline though. Plus Chiyoko likes it ☺

When it comes to these 80’s & 90’s point & shoots Pentax cameras are hard to beat. If you check ebay you will see there is no shortage of them and most of them are being sold as working. That’s not true for Olympus models of the same era. While I love Olympus cameras their point & shoot models from this time were not built to last! Something I’ve learned the hard way!