The Minolta SR-T Series (Part III The SR-T202): Minolta launched the SR-T series in 1966 with the SR-T101. They were the first cameras to offer metering through the lens at maximum aperture using a brand new matrix metering system called the Minolta 'Contrast Light Compensator' system. A new range of MC lenses were developed that could communicate with the camera with a mechanical pin. The cameras are fully mechanical & built like tanks, the battery power is only needed for the light metering system. Naming of the SR-T series was a bit complicated as they used different names and numbers for the same camera in the different markets of North America, Asia and Europe.

In 1975 Minolta released the new SR-T202 as the new flagship camera and the 102 was discontinued. Differences from the earlier SR-T102 were small and one feature the mirror lockup was removed. It gained a safe loading indicator that would let the operator know that the film was loaded correctly as well as a film Memo Holder on the back of the camera! Some would argue that the Mirror Lockup was a more valuable feature and in removing this the SR-T202 was in fact inferior to the SR-T102. The SR-T202 remained in production until 1980 giving the SR-T series a 15 year run from start to finish. In today’s world nearly 40 years on any of these three cameras the 101, 102 or 202 are great choices for fully mechanical highly reliable cameras.

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