Back at the end of May I had the opportunity to visit Mirai Bonsai in Scappoose Oregon. One of the most interesting Bonsai collections you can find in the US. I took along my Olympus OM3 loaded with some Kodak Gold 200. The OM3 was introduced in 1983 along with the OM4. It was a fully mechanical camera introduced as an upgrade to the OM1. The OM4 was introduced as an upgrade to the electromechanically controlled OM2. Both cameras had sophisticated center weighted and multi spot metering. The OM4 enjoyed great success with a production run of 1983 to 87 when it was upgraded to the OM4 T/Ti which remained in production until 2002. There was much less demand for the mechanical OM3 principally because the OM1n was still in production and those wanting a mechanical camera could buy that for much less money. It’s original production run was 1983 to 1986 returning as the OM3 T/Ti from 1995 to 2002. Roughly 4.5 times as many OM4s were sold as compared to OM3s