The Double Digit OM Cameras. Olympus made two lines of Cameras, their professional single digit range OM1, OM2, OM3 & OM4 with some variations. The other range were their cheaper midrange consumer models OM10, OM20 (OMG), OM30 (OMF) & the OM40 (OMPC). Just like the single digit models one did not replace the other, The OM10 was produced for the entire production run of all the double digit OMs with the others being added and produced concurrently.

1983 - 1987: Also released in 1983 and selling alongside the OM10 & the OM20 was the OM30 (sold as the OMF in the US). This was the Olympus company’s first not so successful foray into autofocus. It was actually only an autofocus camera with one specially designed motorized OM 35-70mm lens. With all other OM lenses it was a manual focus camera with “focus assist” which consisted of 2 red arrows and a green square, when seen through the viewfinder the red arrows pointed to which way to turn the lens until the green square lit up! This can also be accompanied by an optional beeping sound! The camera is a power hog needing 5 LR/SR44 batteries to work. Again just like the OM20 if you didn’t need autofocus or manual mode there was no need to upgrade from the tried & tested OM10.

OM10 | OM20 (OMG) | OM30 (OMF)