Cross Processed Provia 100F: I have several rolls of 2004 Fujichrome Provia 100F that from previous use of some rolls from the same batch I know now produces slides with quite faded & washed out colors. Because of this I thought I’d try doing something different with it by cross processing it in C41 chemistry. I’ve seen examples of this online and some looked pretty good. The results I got though were not what I expected! While the colors are certainly more vibrant there was a huge color shift to green and all the whites are blown out! I think this is partly my fault for choosing to do this on a cloudy lowlight day, there really wasn't enough light in a lot of these shots for 100 speed film. While I do find some of the closeup shots of the Christmas Ornaments interesting most of the shots are downright awful! I’m intrigued enough to try this again though but I’ll shoot the roll of Provia on a Sunny day next time!