The Nikon FM: Nikon introduced the FM in 1977 it continued until 1982 at which time it was succeeded by the Nikon FM2. The FM was the successor to the Nikkormat series of cameras. Smaller and more compact than the professional F series, they were nevertheless extremely well built and capable cameras. They could even use Non AI, AI and AIS lenses. The camera has a mechanical shutter with speeds of 1s to 1/1000th. Two 1.5V LR / SR44 batteries are needed to power the light meter. There was intense competition at this time between the main Japanese Camera Companies. Also released in 1977 was the Mechanical Pentax MX and in 1979 the Mechanical Olympus OM1n was also released as an update to the OM1. All three being extremely capable cameras. These photos from my first ever rolls of Kodak Vision 3250D  film that I purchased from and had developed (ECN2 Process) by Andrew's Analog Service Center