The Trip 35 was one of the most popular & easy to use cameras that Olympus ever made. With over 10 million being sold during it’s 17 year production run from 1967 to 1984 during which time only minor changes were made to the camera design! I always think of the Olympus Trip as the Full Frame version of the Pen EES series. All Auto only with the same little red flag! The same two shutter speeds of 1/40th & 1/200th and the same F2.8 maximum aperture lens etc. The only thing the user has to set are the film speed and pick one of only 4 focus distance icons. The A date code on this camera shows it was made in November 1970, now into it’s 51st year the Selenium Solar Cell that makes it all work is still going strong. I keep a lens cap on the camera when not in use to hopefully eek a few more years out of the Selenium cell.

For the following photos I paired the Trip with a roll of 2009 Walgreens Studio 35 200. At 12 years out of date I set the ISO to 125 instead of 200. The film had a pretty good reputation at the time. It was first made by Agfa and later by Fuji. This 2009 roll is from the Fuji era, I don't know if it corresponds to a fuji film that was on the market at that time or if it was custom for Walgreens.