Introduced in 1983 The Pentax Super Program (USA) or Super A (Asia & Europe) was awarded European Camera of the year in 1983. A slightly cheaper version, the Program Plus (USA) or Program A (Asia and Europe) was introduced in 1984. They were the last manual focus SLRs introduced by Pentax. I’ve owned both since the mid 1980’s. My one gripe about them today is that they are electronic cameras & so useless when the battery dies and since camera electronics are normally the first thing to go wrong you are always at the mercy of failing electronics. Now 35 years on both my Program Super & Program Plus have temperamental electronics, sometimes working perfectly sometimes needing to be turned on & off several times before they will work! Because of this I’m sure my older and simpler Pentax K1000 will outlast them both.

The camera was also able to use the new KA mount lenses that allowed full auto and manual use from the camera body. These photos were taken with the lens that came with the camera back in 1985 a Vivitar 28-80 F3.5 - 4.5. It spent most of it's life in a box because shortly after buying the camera I bought a Vivitar 28-210 F3.5 - 5.6. I still have that lens today but it’s tough to use these days because the connection to the camera has become loose and you have to hold it “just right” to make it work!