The Olympus Infinity Jr (AF10 Super) or the “Picasso Mini Super”. I’m a big fan of this little camera, it turns out some really nice photos. Unfortunately these cameras were just not made to last this long! I’ve got two of them now, one seems to work perfectly with the small problem that it can’t load film because a little plastic hook is broken! The other can load film but will run through a set of new batteries in a day if I don’t take them out after use! It sure would be nice if I could take parts from one to fix the other! I’ve no plans to buy a third in fact I think I’m done buying any more of these 1980s - 1990s point & shoot cameras! I’ll keep using this one with the battery problem until it no longer works though! The Olympus Infinity Jr (AF10 Super) or the “Picasso Mini Super” in Japan was part of the AF series released in 1991. In the same family as the first AFL (1983), the AF1 (1986) & AF10 (1987). The camera is an all auto all the time point & shoot. It comes though with a well reviewed 35mm F3.5 lens and is the predecessor to what would become the cult Mju & Mju II cameras.