A Walkabout Sandy OR with my Nikon FM2 loaded with Seagull Color IR 100: Made by the Shanghai Seagull Camera Company (The oldest camera company in China) They have a long history of making TLR cameras and today they apparently still make a digital TLR camera the CM9! The company also still sells 2 Seagull branded black & white films today but these are made in the UK by Harman Technology and are pretty much accepted to be Kentmere. Who knows when they were making their Seagull IR 100 but a giant batch of it from 1990 must have been recently found in a warehouse somewhere as it suddenly started showing up for sale by multiple online film sellers.

I picked up mine from Ultrafine.com for about $4.75 a roll. The film comes in a Blue Box with a clear plastic container inside with a red lid and it’s from a time when you still got a slip of paper inside telling you all about the film! As you can see from the photos the film has seriously deteriorated over the last 35 years. Coming out so red that one could be forgiven for thinking that the IR stands for “Instant Redscale” ☺. I tried to bring a few of these shots back to reality by adjusting white balance but things are just too far gone! All that being said I kind of like the results and picked up a few more rolls to play around with.