The Olympus AF-1 (Called Infinity in the USA) was introduced in 1986 & was the first Weatherproof compact autofocus camera on the market. Developed from the 1983 Olympus AFL or “Picasso” it was given the nickname “Nuretemo-Pikaso” meaning “Wet Flash” which was shortened to “Nurepika” highlighting the weatherproof features of the camera. The camera has a great F2.8 lens but one common complaint is that there is no way to turn off the flash. The camera will use it whenever it thinks it needs it!

I didn’t know if this camera was in working condition or not though it did make all the right sounds! I loaded it with a 2002 expired roll of Kirkland Signature 200 (Agfa). The film has some serious age related color shifts so the photos that came out of the camera are nothing to write home about but I now know the camera works. I always try to limit the digital editing of my film scans to just exposure and contrast but these needed something more so I adjusted for white balance too, I also left the originals for comparison.