The Minolta SR-T Series (Part I The SR-T101): Minolta launched the SR-T series in 1966 with the SR-T101. They were the first cameras to offer metering through the lens at maximum aperture using a brand new matrix metering system called the Minolta 'Contrast Light Compensator' system. A new range of MC lenses were developed that could communicate with the camera with a mechanical pin. The cameras are fully mechanical & built like tanks, the battery power is only needed for the light metering system. Naming of the SR-T series was a bit complicated as they used different names and numbers for the same camera in the different markets of North America, Asia and Europe.

The SR-T101 was the first and had the longest run of any of them from 1966 to 1975. In 1970 a budget & lower specked version of the camera was introduced, the SR-T100. These cameras are still easy to find in the second hand market and don’t command a high price like Nikons or Canons do. I picked up this one in full working order for about $35.00. Because the 101s are so affordable there really is no reason to buy the lowered specked 100 unless you are collecting every model!