The Vivitar Wide & Slim. If a Holga has too many options for you then get yourself a Vivitar Wide and Slim! The only “controls” are the shutter button and the film rewind. One shutter speed (about 1/125th) and a plastic F11 lens. It's that plastic lens though that has turned this cheapo camera sold in the mid 90s for about 20 bucks into a cult classic that people on eBay will pay $100.00 for! The reason being its 22mm wide angle distorted view of things. The camera is so flimsy that it’s advised not to use 36 exposure rolls of film as the rewind isn’t strong enough to rewind it! I was able to pick this one up for $35.00 with three rolls of film thrown in because the seller didn’t identify it on eBay as a ‘wide & slim’ so it stayed under the radar. This was a test roll of expired Kodak Gold 200 just to see if the camera was working. I took some photos deliberately into the Sun to see the lens flare. Interestingly this camera is being made again by the RETO Project. New Wide & Slims in multiple color choices can now be purchased for $29.99.