The Double Digit OM Cameras. Olympus made two lines of Cameras, their professional single digit range OM1, OM2, OM3 & OM4 with some variations. The other range were their cheaper midrange consumer models OM10, OM20 (OMG), OM30 (OMF) & the OM40 (OMPC). Just like the single digit models one did not replace the other, The OM10 was produced for the entire production run of all the double digit OMs with the others being added and produced concurrently.

The OM20: 1983 - 1987. In 1983 the OM20 (sold as the OMG in the US) was introduced and sold alongside the OM10, the biggest difference to the OM10 was that it was a fully manual as well as aperture priority camera, a separate adapter was not needed for manual mode. It also had a stronger winder system capable of 5 frames per second when a power winder was used and some minor design changes. For many people if they already owned an OM10 there really would not be a need to upgrade to the OM20.

I loaded the camera with a circa 2005 roll of MitsubishiMX200 (Rebranded Konica VX200) and took the photos on two Mt. Hood Hikes one to Eden Park on the North side and then the next week to Paradise Park on the south side. It was the first time I’d used the camera and I soon found that it had a problem with the shutter sticking! 

OM10 | OM20 (OMG) | OM30 (OMF)