This second set of photos was also shot on my Pentax K1000 the following day on a hike up Mt. Hood’s Cooper Spur to the 9000’ mark. This time I used Retrochrome 160 (Ektachrome 2239) for the first time and found it to be very different to the 400. All my photos had a very strong blue cast to them, I don’t see this in other examples of photos taken with this film online so perhaps it was something I did. Anway as with the previous roll I’m posting the original scans then a second shot with ON1 Nonoise and this time also some white balance color correction. RetroChrome was named and is sold by the @filmphotographyproject Its government surplus High Speed Eastman Ektachrome 2253 (Retrochrome 400) & Ektachrome 2239 (Retrochrome 160). It was made for industrial and governmental use. The film was traced back to the Tonopah Test Range (TTR) Tonopah NV – a restricted military installation located about 30 miles southeast of Tonopah NV, the test range is positioned about 70 miles northwest of Groom Dry Lake, the home of the Area 51 facility. Like the Groom Lake facility, Tonopah is a site of interest to conspiracy theorists, mostly for its use of experimental and classified aircraft.