Most of my old cameras are Olympus & Pentax but no vintage camera collection would be complete without a Nikon F. Introduced in 1959 the Nikon F was the company's first SLR camera and while many of it’s features already existed in other cameras of that time the Nikon F was the first to roll them all into one package with just about every part of it being adjustable and interchangeable with each camera being individually assembled by hand. The camera had a 14 year production run until 1973 then it was replaced with the Nikon F2. The same F series cameras would continue until October 2020 when Nikon would make it’s last F6 which was also it’s last film camera.

The camera is about as close to indestructible as you can get! It’s durability made it a favorite of Vietnam war reporters & photographers, in one case saving a man’s life! The Nikon F belonging to noted photographer Don McMullin stopped a bullet for him! Nasa & the Beatles were also fans, Nasa using them on the Apollo missions and on the Skylab space station. The Beatles again with Don McMullin used the camera for all the photography on the White Album. The group were also took Nikon F cameras on the their 1966 tour of Germany, The Philippines & Japan. Over it’s 14 year production run 862,600 were made. This one has a serial number beginning with 714 which gives it a production date of between August & October 1970

Sandy with a Nikon F & Tri X 400

Sandy throughout the year with my Nikon F and a selection if different B&W films.