Velvia 100, 5 Rolls, 5 cameras 1 month. Around July 15th I learned that the EPA had banned the sale & processing of Velvia 100 in the USA. The reason being they found it contains 0.0003% Phenol Isopropylated Phosphate. I guess this had been in the works since 2016 but was finally made official on July 6th 2021. What was surprising was the short amount of time between July 6th and September 7th when the EPA would start enforcing the law. Meaning after that date photo labs would no longer be able to process Velvia 100. I checked my film inventory & found I have a 2018 box of 5 rolls frozen since purchase. I’d been saving them for something special now that something special would be using them up before the ban! I decided to make a bit of a project out of it shooting 5 rolls on 5 cameras in a month. The cameras used in order were my Olympus OM2 SLR, Canon AE-1 SLR, Pentax K1000 SLR, Olympus XA Rangefinder & finally my Canonet GIII QL17 Rangefinder.

Velvia 100: 5 Rolls, 5 Cameras, 1 Month