Argus Super Seventy Five

Argus Super Seventy Five
Type: Faux TLR (The viewfinder lens is not connected to the camera lens)<br>
Lens: Lumar 8-16 65mm<br>
Shutter: B + 1/50<br>
ASA: N/A<br>
Manufactured: 1954 - 1958 (May 1954 this Camera)<br>
Battery: None.<br>
The Super Seventy Five had several advantages over the regular Seventy Five which had a production run from 1949 to 1964. These included a focusing lens and a choice of  3 F stops 8, 11 &amp; 16. One other advantage of this camera is that while it needs a 620 take up spool you can load a regular 120 film into the camera making respooling unnecessary.<br>  <br>

<i><font color="grey"> This is the only 620 film camera that I own as it's pretty easy to use 120 film in it. The date stamp on the inside 0554 meaning May 1954. The person I purchased it off on ebay said he had purchased it from the Original owner who had taken it on the Maiden Voyage of the QEII in 1969 from Southampton to New York. Of course there is no documentation of this but it's a fun story!</font></i><br><br>

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Introduced in 1954 and made until around 1959 the Argus Super Seventy Five should really be called the Super Sixty Five as it sports an F8 65mm lens unlike the 75mm lens on the Seventy Five.  Unlike the regular the lens also has three F stops to choose from 8, 11 & 16 but only 1 shutter speed at about 1/60th of a second or bulb.

It's designed to look like a TLR camera but the viewfinder is not connected to the lens and you have to estimate distance and adjust the lens accordingly. In another quirk the camera uses the same viewfinder as the Seventy Five for a 75mm lens so you can't see the whole picture when framing! The camera sold for $32.75 when it was introduced (about $375.00 today).

The camera was designed to use 620 film but with a bit of fenagling it will take 120. No way to verify but the original owner of this camera said she took it with her on the maiden voyage of the QE2 in 1969!