Canonet 28

Canonet 28
Canonet 28
Manufactured1971 - 1976
BatteryPX625 (Needed for proper use, without a battery the only available Shutter speed is 1/30th.)
Fully MechanicalNo
Shutter1/30 - 1/600
LensCanon 1:2.8-16 40mm
ISO25 - 400
Fully ManualNo
Aperture PriorityNo (Only in Flash Mode)
Shutter PriorityNo
Fully AutoYes
NotesIf the Canonet QL17 GIII is called the poor man’s Leica then the Canonet 28 would be the poor man’s GIII! The cameras are quite similar in appearance and very close in size. About 70 grams lighter, the 28 is, a cheaper, simpler consumer version that still takes good photos. It’s an all auto camera which means it won't work without a battery and there is no ability to use in manual mode selecting your own speed and aperture. Apertures can be chosen in flash mode but then the shutter is locked at 1/30th. Light Meters are the first thing to go bad on old cameras so with cameras that are dependent on them to work make sure the camera is working properly before you buy! On the plus side these cameras can be found on the used market for much less money than the GIII. There is definitely a place for this rangefinder. It's great when out and about and you just want to point, focus & shoot. For this reason I often find myself taking this camera rather than the GIII out on hikes with me.