FED 5B (5V)

Fed 5B
Manufactured1977 - 1996
BatteryNone (no light meter)
Fully MechanicalYes
ShutterBulb + 1s-1/500
Fully ManualYes.
Aperture PriorityNo
Shutter PriorityNo
Fully AutoNo
NotesThe FED 5 was an update to the Fed 4. Over its production run of 19 years there were 7 types and 10 subtypes. This camera, the 5B was pretty much the same as the 5 but did not have the selenium light meter. The camera came standard with an Industar 61 lens but will take any full frame 39mm thread lens. In this photo I have a Jupiter 8 mounted on the camera. When you buy these old FED cameras the rangefinder is often off but at least on the FED 5 is an easy adjustment to bring things back into alignment. Though “built cheap” they are remarkably resilient cameras, it’s not hard to find a fully working model today for less than $50.00