Minolta AFZ (Freedom III)

From the mind of Minolta!

Minolta AFZ (Freedom III)
Minolta AFZ (Freedom III in the USA)
TypeAuto Focus Point & shoot
Manufactured1986 - ?
Battery4 X 1.5V AAA or 1 X 6V CR-P2
Fully MechanicalNo
Shutter1/40th - 1/800th
LensMinolta F2.8 - F18 35mm
ISO25 - 1600
Fully ManualNo
Aperture PriorityNo
Shutter PriorityNo
Fully AutoYes
Notes:The AFZ or FeedoM III in the US was and expensive camera when it came out in 1986, going for 250 to 300 dollars. Today it's one of the few bargain quality point & shoots left on the seocnd hand market. While Nikon One Touch and Olympus Mjus are going for hundreds this little gem with an equally fast F2.8 lens can be found easily in working order for 30-50 bucks.